Friday, 15 June 2007

Portals of discovery, so said Joyce anyway

JJ here,

Why? Why do I never learn? Two months before the season starts, the fixtures come out and yet again I think… ‘y’know if Liverpool get a good start they could be in with a shout’. They won’t, it won’t happen, and it won’t for some time the way things are going.

Benayoun stinks of being another Zenden, only with the tackling capabilities of Samuel L Jackson’s character from Unbreakable. And what other moves are Liverpool making? None that anyone in the English speaking world knows about anyway… the hope is that Rafa will sign several top stars from Spain once that season ends and that Arsenal are priced out of buying Malouda. But so far I’m hugely unimpressed with Liverpool’s start to the transfer market.

United have shown the way forward – spend big, spend early, spend often. As much as I detest the very sight of the United badge, if ever there needed to be confirmation that Ferguson is the greatest manager in Premiership history it’s the last six months.

Firstly he keeps a United side – with plenty of jokers in between all the talent – focused enough to win the title then he steals a march on the rest of the Prem by sorting out his transfer business well in advance of pre-season training. There is the sneaking suspicsion that next season may see him revert to form and concentrate too much on Europe, but it’s far too early to make any predictions on that score.

Fergie must be pissing himself as Liverpool struggle to sign anyone, Arsenal are forced to sell Henry and Chelsea sign up a load of washed up players on free transfers. Pizarro will make no difference, and while Ben Haim and Alex have talent they will barely be in the side should Chelsea’s first choice centre backs stay fit.

United, as of today, look like they already have the league sown up.


This week’s podcast is awash with experimentation as we introduce James Joyce into the world of Okeydokefootball. Among other things we also discuss John Terry getting a handjob from a leper, ‘Ginga Minga’ Neil Lennon retiring to Notts Forest, and the whore that is Terence Henry. What. A. Whore.

The show was recorded in some chaos as visitors from overseas arrived, Chinese deliveries were ordered, rain pelted against the windows and cider was drunk by the gallon.

A damn good show though, then again I may still be drunk.

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Mark said...

Lyon are obviously taking the piss with asking £17m for Malouda, he's not worth it yet. Difficult position to be in, transfer fees and wages are rising, the Pool should just spunk their money on 2 very good players, and wait til next year to buy more.

I'd say we'll see some business when the Spanish season ends though, don't be too disheartened.

(And no, it's not their year, Mr Finnan)

JJ said...

It's been 'their year' for at least six of the last ten years. I agree that the pool should make two top quality signings and go from there, Benitiez is relying too heavily on rotation.

Get in two class acts for the left and up front, tell them their place is safe, and the rest could click into place. Instead he wants an overhaul without selling anyone which is nonsense. United sold van nistelrooy and arse will sell henry to boost their side for the greater good. With the strength in centre midfield he should have at least made a profit on sissoko or xabi and be happy with what he has.

tyduffy said...

Yeah, it isn't looking good for Liverpool. I believe that either Hicks or Gillette also said something about not wanting to go too crazy with the spending. Signing Benayoun shows no ambition whatsoever.

Until they realize that they are going to have to overpay to get someone to come up there because "putting on the shirt" is not enough of an enticement to spend a year in Liverpool, they will not compete for a domestic title.

jj said...

Exactly. Admirable a quality as it is to refuse to overpay, at times you have to send out a message to the rest of the league.

At the moment, that message is lets hoover up mediocrity and hope for the best. Not good enough at all.