Monday, 18 December 2006

1st blog

Hello all,
I've decided to start a blog for my podcast (available at or through iTunes).
Myself and my friend of 13 years decided to set one up a few months ago, and we have completed our seventh show last Thursday. We are both football(soccer) obsessives - he is a journalist and I am a compter programmer, which was one of the reasons we started - I could do the techno stuff, and he could write the articles for the website.
So far it's working out well, we are trying to grow our listeners but not succeeding too well so far. Just need to give it time to grow a bit.There are a good few football pods out there. But the website is doing well, last month we got 9000 hits, which I was suprised at...
Still, it's only a hobby, and not really hard work, as we just meet up once a week, get some alcohol and record the show.we are doing 2 shows this week, one a trimmed down version of teh normal show, on Thursday. And on Friday we're gonna do a Christmas Special, with various awards such as wanker of the year, etc...


DJ said...

I know this is a bit off-topic, but as I'm as a software developer myself I'm interested in what kind of programming you do?

Mark said...

Hi DJ,
well I trained in Java, C/C++ but since leaving college worked a bit in ASP and .NET doing bug fixes and enhancements. Now I'm working 2nd level support using SAP,


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