Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Back on the horse...

Been a long time since we rock n’ rolled… dear god after that hackneyed intro I can only hope it gets better. The last few weeks have seen some earth shattering events take place in the football world; men such as Giovanni Trappatoni, Andy Reid, Xabi Alonso and ‘Arry Redknapp have all tried, and I suppose in some ways succeeded, in knocking the demise of the ODF podcast off the back pages.

Onwards we march anyway, and we’ll start that with predictions for this evening’s games.

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs are bound to take the lead here; such is the wave of optimism flowing through the club after Redknapp’s arrival. However, they are also bound to lose 3-1 such is the dearth of defending talent at White Hart Lane, particularly from goalkeeper Gomes. Expect Arsenal to shoot from all angles at the bumbling Brazilian with plenty of joy.

Aston Villa v Blackburn Rovers: James Richardson has already ploughed the ‘Norwegian Wood’ analogy on the John Carew lap dancing expose so I’ll just talk about the game. Villa, despite all the voodoo curses I could muster, are doing rather well this year what with an all conquering attack and disgustingly mean defence. Rovers on the other hand look like a bit of a shambles most of the time. An organised but still hateful Villa to win 2-1.

Bolton Wanderers v Everton: Phew… bet all Everton fans are delighted David Moyes signed that contract at last eh? Oh. Out of Europe, looking like they’re out of ideas most the time, they haven’t been much cop at home or away this season and after Bolton got a bit of a raw deal on Sunday I can’t see the home side them losing this anyway. Most likely a poor 0-0.

Fulham v Wigan Athletic: This could be a barnstormer; Jimmy Bullard has got a bit of a kick up the arse from Roy Hodgson this week and this should lead to a decent performance from the outrageously popular Cockney. In turn, Fulham generally play well when Bullard does, and combining that with Wigan’s decent brand of football this season, it should be a good game. Narrow home win – 3-2.

Hull City v Chelsea: Chelsea won 4-0 at Hull last year in the League Cup. I’ll go for three nil this time around.

Liverpool v Portsmouth: The mood from most Liverpool players has seemed almost depressed in recent days such is their desire to calm expectations after the excellent win at Stamford Bridge. Feckin right too considering Liverpool’s tendency over the last 15 years to follow every decent result with a dire loss or awful home draw. With Portsmouth in a bit of a crisis (and they conceded plenty of goals under ‘Arry this year as well), Pool should, I repeat should, win this. 2-0.

Manchester United v West Ham United: The Zola Effect (a sunnier, slightly more likeable version of the patented ‘Redknapp Effect’ talked about by all ‘Arry’s friends in the media in the last few days) seems to be waning quite badly at West Ham and the little Italian is now one of the favourites to be the next Premier League manager to get the boot. The last thing Zola needed was Everton to rally for a draw last Saturday lunchtime and much like Chelsea at Hull I think United will unleash all manner of hell on the back of a disappointing result. A thumping home victory – 3-0.

Middlesbrough v Manchester City: Hmmm… Boro were very unlucky to draw with Blackburn but they have some pretty noticeable flaws that a decent attacking side like City should expose. Much like when Mark Hughes men went to Sunderland and blew them away, I can see Robinho et al taking advantage of a dodgy keeper and average defence. 0-2.

Stoke City v Sunderland: Let us never speak of this game again. 1-1

Come back tomorrow for all manner of heckling when a Crouchigol overhead consigns the ‘Pool to defeat.

Later folks, JJ


Parrotbait said...

Welcome back, not too bad predictions this time round(well except for the mental Spurs game of course)...

Ye probably have seen this, its hilarious, Fanzone between Spurs and the Arse

Mark said...

that is hilarious and disturbing

Mal said...

Hope you backed Chelsea for the 3-0 win JJ.

Mal said...

I like the new look on the blog lads.

JJ said...

Cheers on the welcome back parrotbait, putting up this week's predictions in a little bit; and thanks for giving a nod to the new look mal, done with a great deal of help from my missus.

As for chelsea, I didn't bet on it but that pain is NOTHING in comparison to a mate of mine who had a ten game accumulator... he got nine correct scores and arsenal were 4-2 up going into injury time for the tenth. Aaaron Lennon and Jermaine Jenas then proceded to lose him €2300.