Thursday, 29 January 2009

An Ode To Rafa

Oh Rafa, you've made this season so sweet,
I sense my joy will soon be complete.
With Number 18 in our hands,
You'll be off to different lands,
As you just can't stand the heat.

(Keats - you just got owned.)

So, it was a "crazy" night for Liverpool, according to Rafa, but for the rest of us, it was the inevitable petering out of the title race, that sees United's odds slashed to 2/5. A talented squad with League winning experience will surely be no match for the stuttering Liverpool, and the inconsistent Chelsea.

So, bar a fascination with the upcoming top 4 battles, starting with Liverpool and Chelsea on Sunday, we'll have to look elsewhere for excitement.
So off to Spain where Barca are a mere 12 points clear of the pack. OK, maybe not.
Italy then, where the thrice champions Inter hold a 6 point lead and....

OK sod it, back to England. Arsenal find themselves 5 points adrift of Villa in fourth, and in true ODF style, I'm going to make an outlandish prediction that Villa will survive their soon to come wobble and scrape into 4th at the expense of Arsenal. Who will not win the Champions League and deprive Villa of a CL spot.
So that's that then.

Other opinions that I'm currently holding (that will end up with me doing a volte-face):
1. Hughes is doing a poor job, and should be sacked if City finish in the bottom half.
2. Southgate will turn it around and should be given time.
3. Vidic is excellent.
4. I hate Harry Redknapp
5. Adams will be sacked before the season is out



Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you said Mark,especially no.3. Is there a better defender in the world?? Just a thought, if Liverpool keep up this shit form, is it possible that they and not Arsenal could finish 5th? I'm a bit of a greedy bastard!! Sorry!

JJ said...

Well after yesterday it looks like a two horse race LUHG, but then the last time that happened between pool and united we finished fifth so eh... no counting chickens anyway. Good win but lampard sending off was abysmal. As was Martin Tyler's "now I'm not saying anything but a lot of red cards this season against Liverpool have involved xabi alonso" comment.

Yip, the dirty foreigner martin, he let vidic barge into him elbow first (which was only a second yellow anyway), he let tim cahill smack him in the shins with his studs (which was only a yellow as well, he got a double yellow for walking away from the ref) and the others where he let people hack him down (not like he's a creative midfielder or anything and prone to getting such kicks)or let refs make duff decisions. Tyler generally strikes people as the sane part of the tyler/gray double act, not any more.

Anonymous said...

If Mike Reilly gets another game this season it'll be a fucking disgrace! Did he not see the Bosingwa "tackle" either?
As for the title, Liverpool will rightfully be thinking that the race starts now and United will definitely drop points beetween now and seasons end (West Ham away is not fucking easy next Sunday!)but I think Liverpool will drop more and I also think United will win the game at OT on March 14.
Just a thought....Martin Tyler is no better than that mob of tabloid journalists who seem to think an England international is beyond reproach when it comes to wrongdoing, I wonder what his take on the Gerrard tackle in the first half was, "Stevie" should have walked for that! 2 English turds off in one game?? We can but dream!!