Friday, 17 July 2009

There are worse ways to spend a Wednesday evening…


First up, some Brazilian football to enjoy. And some more. Aaaaaaaaaand, a little more. Right, that’s the tenuous football link out of the way…

Now, while we’re not overly big on promoting outside interests here at ODF, we’ve a chance for a few of you (well those over 18) to head along to the POD next Wednesday to…

(a) Drink free cocktails

(b) Enjoy an indoor beach party

(c) Be in the same room as lingerie model Elle Liberachi, as well as Lovefoxxx, a frankly barmy bird who fronts the quite good Brazilian synth lords CSS. And…

(d) Get some free Lynx gear as they launch Lynx Fever, a “fiery orange shower gel which contains Brazilian hot mud and red dragon fruit extracts that invigorate the skin, followed by a quick dose of the exhilarating Brazilian essence body spray to set the tone for a little playful samba”. So that’s you told.

It’s the Lynx Fever Brazilian Beach Party which takes place in POD on Wednesday, 22 July at 6.30pm and if ye fancy going along with a mate, just be one of the first 10 posters to email with your full name and the answer to this penetrating question.

Which Brazilian footballer was FIFA World Player of the Year in 1999? Was it...

(a) Rivaldo

(b) A carrot

(c) Some Tesco beans

(d) Another wrong answer, or

(e) Your face

In a separate competition there’s a huge sense of self satisfaction on offer for the first poster to post the words “I expected better from Okeydokefootball”. Over to you folks.

Later, ODF