Sunday, 25 October 2009

Quick prediction for today…

Good god it’s hard to be positive for any Pool fan after the last few weeks but there’s something about this that reminds me of an eight game spell without a win before heading to the Theatre of Prawns and winning one nil earlier this decade.

It was a Danny Murphy lob that, what with fate being an absolute bastard, kept Gerard Houllier in a job for two seasons longer than was necessary.

The losing may stop today again, winning though… a bridge too far perhaps and I’d still stick with Benitez no matter what the result is today anyway. I’ll go for an entertaining 2-2… and Michael Owen will score. He will celebrate. And he is, as today will confirm, Satan in Sports Casual.

Enjoy, JJ


Anonymous said...

Jesus ,listening to the reaction after the game....we've just seen the Champions elect today. Fair enough, liverpool were the better team but United were fucking awful! Are Liverpool turning into one of these teams that only get's up for the visit of a big club?? They won today, I don't think they're out of the woods yet.

JJ said...

Hmmm... which reaction was this? Don't think there's anybody kidding themselves but as for fans and players why wouldn't they be pleased having beaten a full strength united squad, and doing so minus $tevie Me? One mate said to me Pool were celebrating “as if they’d won the champions league”, same United supporter who said to me before the game that Pool’s season was over if they lost. Ya can’t win really can ya… I think pepe running the length of the field, having had the week he’s had, was fully justified to be honest.

Have to pick up on the point about Pool being a a team who 'only' gets up for and beats the top sides. That label is for Boro in previous seasons (always somehow beating Arsenal, Chelsea, Pool and even, despite Schteve McClaren managing them, Unireh as well on occasions), it could become a label for Sunderpants this year and Fulham occasionally as well. Bit disingenuous to place Pool under that label when they're a team who finished four points off united last year, sit four behind them this year and qualified for the champions league four seasons on the trot. Have to be beating the dregs of the league and mid table fodder along the way as well to get there.

Anonymous said...

Is it fair to say then, if Fulham beat Liverpool next Saturday as far as the league goes this season they're out of it? It's not an easy game at all these days and if "the pool" play the way they have been doing (Sunday apart) Fulham could well put them back in the same position they were prior to Sundays game. S'pose the point I'm making's vital for them to go on a run now, 6-7 victories in a row or it will start to look like (and in fairness, only start to look like) that Benitez can get his team up for the United game but struggles to do it, at that same level, for other equally important Premiership Villa,Spurs and especially Sunderland.
Take your point tho, totally disingenous of me to put Liverpool in the same bracket as a Middlesborough of old, Sorry about that.
I was writing straight after full-time and was reacting to Souness' assertion that Liverpool were "fabulous" on the day....I'm sorry they played well and won easily, but I'm not having that!!
p.s. I don't want to appear like I'm being right after the fact, but I commented to a mate when the team news came out that I'd rather see $tevie GBH playing than Torres, unfortunately I was proved right. The lad is a genius tho!!!