Thursday, 5 November 2009

Solace in the random

Alright folks,

It does seem a long, long time ago since Lucas was in that happy place I referred to in my previous post. First up, and before I get on to my main point, last night, as I watched Liverpool meander towards a draw when they should have won, I tried to think when I last had such little confidence in a player as I do in Andriy Voronin.

From the way Monster Masch shouted consistently at the oddly-haired Ukrainian I doubt there’s many men who turn up for training each day at Melwood who have any confidence in him either.

A free transfer okay, but the club still has to pay his wages and after who knows how many thousands into his bank account this week and the past few years as well, the best thing about him is that he looks like a vaguely sound bouncer at a metal bar. In fact, himself and Sotiris Kyrgiakos – so very much at fault for the Lyon goal – could easily prop up their wages turning away underage Amon Armarth fans from somewhere called ‘The Rusty Hole’, ‘The Full Metal Whack It’ or something similarly woeful.

In plenty of pages today you’ll find run downs on Liverpool’s faults so I won’t go over them here – indeed I’m becoming aware that due to the less regular nature of the blog this season far too many of the posts have concerned the team I support. So I’ll move to the opposite end of the field last night.

While it’s horrible to admit this less than two weeks before Ireland play off for a place in the World Cup with France, Lyon and fellow countrymen Bordeaux, are proving that there’s life outside of La Liga and the Premier League yet, with Marseille challenging Madrid and Milan in their group as well, French football is on a high. Stuttgart’s showing against Sevilla was also a good kick in the nads for the Champions League.

Even the strength of Meeeelan (copyright James Richardson) against Real Madrid was a another boost for those that think this may be a good year in the Champo Leaguo. A peculiar semi final line up (ie only one English side included) could be in order and frankly, it’s what the competition needs.

Tuesday at the San Siro was hardly David against a hairy Russian boxer but it was a big confirmation of a return to form for one of Europe’s great leagues. With Pool all but gone from the competition, as a (soon to be) neutral the more newbies and odd names that stay in the competition the better.

Back soon folks, have a good one,


Anonymous said...

Crikey! (also copyright J.Richardson) have to say at last, the Champions League is becoming more competetive. Thought Bordeax, but especially Stuttgart were fantastic last night and Barcelona are only third in their group after 4 games! Who wudda thunk it?? It's odd too to think of Milan as underdogs, but they were fantastic in the last quarter of the game at the Bernabau and but for a dodgy refereeing decision when Pato scored a beutiful goal they would have gotten back to back wins against the new Galacticos.
Totally agree JJ, the competition needs new blood in the semis, Arsenal are looking good, but it's only November so I would'nt get excited yet Gooners. The failings of both United and Liverpool are well documented, so that leaves the only English club with a genuine chance this year to be Chelsea. I think they'll win it. Semi finalist prediction: Chelsea,Barcelona, AC Milan and Sevilla. Great blog JJ!!
p.s. Sorry,could'nt let it pass, Voronin is truly awful. Benitez should be strung up for this alone! How the fuck did he get back into Anfield??

JJ said...

There was a reporter on Off the Ball last night - didn't get his name but not sid lowe, lawton or any of the other usuals - who was saying that voronin's presence at anfield is pretty much questioned by every professional at the club. Must be some russian mafia money involved somewhere.

Think RTE having to broadcast games that aren't just premier league related could be a good thing as the competition moves onwards, if only to laugh at eamonn's "expert" views on foreign leagues.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus I know, He's the resident "expert" on Spanish football cos he watches it on Sky on sunday nights!!! Is he for real?? He said last night that Barcelona's centre back pairing is Gerard Pique(a United reject, his words, who just happened to win the European Cup last season) and Marquez(!) who hasn't been first choice centre back for Barca since they signed Daniel Alves allowing Puyol to move back into the centre. He's like Andy Gray, he hasn't a fucking clue!!

Anonymous said...


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