Monday, 3 May 2010

ODF 02 May Podcast Online

Hi Folks,
We're finally back & our latest podcast is online now.

On the show:

Premier League & CL review.
The upcoming Ireland internationals.
And loads more.

Download it.


Mark & JJ.



Ro said...

great stuf yer back lads.

Mal said...

Great podcast lads. Good to have you back and looking forward to the world cup editions.
On a pedantic point, Spurs bought Robbie Keane from Liverpool for £16m, not £12m. link. I wonder how much 'Arry will sell him for this summer? What a whealer dealer.

Ronan said...

Good to have you back lads, looking forward to the world up pods, getting bored with james richardson, chappers etc..

Mark said...

cheers folks, glad to have the support

Buckley said...

Always a pleasant surprise to see you's pop u in my RSS reader. And i was just thinking as i started listening to the pod that it'd be an idea for ye to do a WC podcast. Which i can't wait for, being a Liverpool, be good to just enjoy watching football again....for a while.

Dazinho said...

nice one chaps

JJ said...

Cheers for the comments lads, and Buckley I know that painful feeling. Can't wait for Sunday to pass and the future of the club to get sorted. Losses announced today and no real news coming from the boardroom. Could be a long few months ahead.

Bring on the World Cup indeed chief.

mp3hugger said...

This'll get you in the World Cup mood!


JJ said...

cheers kevin, finally got around to checking that indiecater project out, some corkers there. Not sure about 'irlande' but altogether a sterling effort from all concerned.

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