Wednesday, 21 November 2007

He's Rodney... keep him on telly!

Hi All,
the latest installment of the snore-fest "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" started recently on ITV. Imagine my surprise, when flicking channels last night, that I was faced with the gurning image of Rodney Marsh been stretchered away for ligament damage. True to form, he has already caused controversy on the show by being amazingly sexist. He said: "She believes in equality of women and that women should be paid as much as men and that women are equal to men [but] what has a woman ever invented?"

Marsh is a former Fulham, QPR, Man City and Tampa Bay Rowdies striker, he also made 9 appearances for England, scoring once, against Wales. His international career ended after a smart remark to Alf Ramsey.
Ramsey said: ‘I'll be watching you for the first 45 minutes and if you don't work harder I'll pull you off at halftime," Marsh replied: "Christ, we only get a cup of tea and oranges at Fulham!"

Most will remember him for his outspoken TV work, he was a joy to watch amid all the current blandness on Sky Sports and the BBC.
In 1999/00, he predicted relegation for Bradford and offered to shave all of his hair off if they stayed up. They duly achieved it, helped by this last day win over Liverpool, check out David Wetherall's goal. Marsh subsequently got his head shaved in the centre circle of Valley Parade.

In 2005, he was fired from Sky Sports for making a joke about the recent Tsunami and David Beckham, along the lines of: Beckham's move to Newcastle is on hold after trouble with the Toon Army in Asia.
Marsh moved to Talksport and caused further controversy after he made news reader Robyn Schonhofer laugh uncontrollably while she was announcing the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan.

So, all in all, a bit of a legend then. Some good video links here, here, here, here, and his legendary skills pretending to be Rooney! See also his Times interview, and official website.

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JJ said...

Rodders was always decent on Sky Sports News, haven't seen him on that show yet but it sounds like he's hitting all the right notes of sexism, cockney wit and general begrudging likeability that will furnish him with a few decent TV ads for his old age. Fair play to him.

Finest diary entry…

'Young girl (Sharon) in front of me with tattoo on her lower back. I said "That's interesting, can I take a pic for my website?"...she said "Yes you can... it's chinese"...I said " What does it say?"..."Steve" she said. She then told me she had it done last year to show her commitment to her boyfriend. "I hope you're still together" I said. "He's dead." she replied. Apparently he died recently from a cancerous tumour. Had cup tea...'

Mark said...

i can't believe i forgot teh diaries!

I’ve been a bit constipated since last Friday when I had a giant ‘eartha’ following a big meal the night before. So had some bran flakes and OJ for breakfast, then onto gym where I train most days with my son Jonathan.

mark said...

On an unrelated topic I was listening to 'Arry "Harry" 'Arris on the Pat Kenny show this morning in the aftermath of last nights hilarious match at Wembley. Usual guff about no Ingurlish pride and what not.

Then he made his suggestion for who should take over from second choice Steve. He reckons that Steve Coppell should be manager, and both Alan Shearer and one Stuart Pearce as directors of football. The reasoning being that, when Coppell is eventually stepping down, Pearce can take over as manager with Shearer as assistant! Bit of continuity and all that.

Dunno bout you but I would pay good money to see that.

Mark said...

i really don't think anyone could do a good job with england....

alan shearer and staurt pearce should be kept away from football altogether, for the sake of everyone.

harry harris is a knob anyway

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