Thursday, 15 November 2007

No Negativity Day - Players I Like

Hi All,

Amidst all the negativity we pour out on the blog and podcast, I thought I'd lighten it up a bit by naming a team of players who i actually like.

GK: David James - gets my sympathy for previously being a laughing stock, is now environmentally cool and intelligent.

RB: Steven Carr - made a living being a short round fullback. Respect!
LB: Graeme Le Saux - has a face you want to punch but has a degree and speaks for gay rights in football. Right On!

CB: Linvoy Primus - not only has he a cool second name, he's an all round good guy who does work for charity. Shame he's a Christian...

CB: Sol Campbell - the hate disappeared once he left Arsenal, he now dreams of acting and learning languages, while putting in a good stint at Portsmouth.

CB: Arjan de Zeeuw - has a degree in medical science and doesn't really like football. Diouf spit in his face and he didn't retaliate.

CM: Jimmy Bullard - has a fantastic haircut, looks a bit mad.

CM: Steve McManaman - articulate, engaging, easy-going and witty.

CM: Pedro Mendes - has appalling luck such as goals disallowed, violent assaults but keeps on trucking.

CF: Ole Solksjaer - kept his nose clean, model pro, didn't talk shite to the press. CF: Teddy Sheringham - lived the dream, football, models, Ferrari's and yet always seemed a decent bloke.


GK: Marcus Hannemann - listens to Slipknot and loves guns.

FW: Brian McBride - good footballer, hard worker, keeps his head down

DF: Nedum Onuoha - is still young, but is an intelligent and reasoned young man.

CM: Elano - modest despite his skill

LW: Stephen Hunt - looks mad, is a big bogger and everyone in England hates him for his challenge on Cech

Manager: Steve Coppell - Twice LMA manager of the year, had Man City's shortest managerial career and his degree in Economic History could come in useful here...

I expect to be slated for some of these, so please leave your comments, and your choices below...



James said...
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James said...

Ulises De La Cruz - Gives 10% of his salary to his home town back in Ecuador. Seems quite a nice chap, rubbish full back mind.

Mark said...

yea, i didn't think of him... good one.

also, i like every birmingham player for having the patience to play under steve bruce.

Mal said...

What about Carragher? Totally down to earth, got slagged by his mates for owning a wallet so he got rid of it. And he told McClaren to get stuffed.

JJ said...

Spot on Mal, the most scouse man on the planet deserves some credit.

I actually like rooney, what with his whole notions of get a maths GCSE and the same in english. Sound fella I'd say, keeps bad company though.

Donal said...

How can you like a player who retired at an early age for his country twice? What really galls me is the way he tried (twice) to make it sound like he was making a personal sacrifice, when he just couldn't be f*****g bothered "I wouldn't be able to do justice to myself or my country, blah, blah..."

JJ said...

Of course he didn't want to play for them anymore but he had to make it sound like it 'hurt' him, otherwise he'd be crucified. any footballer with a decent bit of sense - carra and scholes and very few others - know the english side is merely one big feckin pr campaign dressed up in white shirts.

Carragher didn't want to hang around with the bunch of cunts and a clueless manager anymore. Especially when he had to make conversation on the bench with dry shites like phil neville and dowing, as well as pure muppets like defoe and alan smith. Fair play to him.

tom, said...

I'd suggest Bobo Vieri,not a clue how he rates as a player but looking at the offside website, the man seems to have dated every hot woman who ever passed thro' italy. Surely a candidate for legends section! Sterling work with the petition lads but the "I expect to be slated" remark here is a bit Trevor Brennan-esque. I'd hate to see standards slip to crap punditry of TV3. Ian Dempsey podcast has a good bit slagging T.B if you don't get the reference

Mark said...

blast you tom! I'm found out now....

vieri is a bit cool alrite, if only for when he speaks in english he has an australian accent... Freaks me out

and yes, the girlfriends are hot, and this quotes is class at euro 2004:

"I'm more of a man than all of you put together. I can walk down the street with my head held high. I can look at myself in the mirror, but you [waving a finger at the astonished journalists] cannot."

mp3hugger said...

Did you Stephen Hunt in Cardiff yesterday, hiliarous, uproarious, supersub.

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