Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Bookies' Favourite

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Yes, just like the movie, I've had it up to here with Bookies' Favourites. I guess my fixation started early on in the season when Sammy Lee got the boot from Bolton. I kept an eye on the 8 managerial changes in the Premier League and the 3 changes on the international scene - England, Ireland & Scotland.

News broke today that Didier Deschamps is the fifth bookies' favourite in a week. A week! This ludicrous situation has alternated between Houllier, Keegan, Redknapp, Hughes and the Water Carrier - all with the ominous presence of Alan Shearer lurking in the shadows. Let's hope that farce ends soon.

Those from Ireland will be aware of the long, long search for an Ireland manager that seems destined to enter a fourth, maybe even a fifth month. The 3 man selection committee (Don Givens, Don Howe & Ray Houghton) seem to be mostly concerned with leaking stories to the press! The old reliables have been mentioned - Venables, Houllier, Deschamps, Jewell, Billy Davies, Big Sam, every former Irish international, TV pundits and the tea lady. And all have been favourites at some stage.

Now, during the week a conspiracy theory came to me. Consider the facts - tabloid paper X needs an "EXCLUSIVE" story to run with. The paper's journalists are no good at getting scoops, preferring to copy it from the wires. So they hit on a cunning plan, as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, let's make a favourite.
For the sum of a few hundred pounds or euro, which is a pretty big wager in the small betting market of 'Next manager will be...' they can at least create momentum for a candidate in the market. The bookmaker notices a large bet has been placed and cuts the odds. Punters notice that the price has changed and pile on. Result - a new favourite.
The first edition of the paper then creates critical mass and legitimacy at the bookies. Read the story closely and it will contain the phrases:
Sources close to...,
It is believed...,
was wagered on...,
million salary...

So, I propose an experiment in which you send me money, and I'll make a new favourite for the Irish job, which of course you can read about exclusively on this blog. I can guarantee no money will be syphoned off for personal gain* and look forward to your donations,


*not a guarantee


JJ said...

Cultural experiment eh... I'll throw in two euro on Nigel Clough.

Mark said...

JFK shot, man lands on moon, Mourinho sacked and Keegan hired....

Wow. Football is so much fun