Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Usain Bolt of ODF podcasts

Heya folks,

The new pod is online - short and sweet and possibly familiar. Mark is away, and with our hoped-for supersub gone MIA I flew solo before realising that (a) my laptop's soundcard is horrendous and (b) a solo pod just ain't my thing. So, like any great man of the people I found a compromise and have given ye a short, sharp dose of hate we recorded a while back on Lee Bowyer...

We will, at last, have a normal pod again next week - thanks for the patience but circumstances have been a backstard.

Anyway, you can download it here, or subscribe.

PS: The pic above was sent to me under the heading: 'Argentinian Special Olympics Trial'... Cruel? You decide.

Til next time folks, JJ


Parrotbait said...

Ah for fup sake, was expecting a proper podcast ya fupping grasshole.

In other news I'm delighted to see West Ham getting their comeuppance even if it is sour grapes from Sheffield Utd! Hopefully they won't be let off lightly

JJ said...

Ungrateful fupper… seriously chief, apologies for not being able to bring a full show to ye this week but I don't think anyone needs to hear me go on for 40 minutes about Brighton beating City and Liverpool creeping past Crewe.

West Ham, Newcastle, Spurs… who will be the ultimate comedy club this year? Now we have Keane complaining cos the big boys in the crowd were picking on him. Combine all this with Pool beating United and Darren Fletcher scoring a few goals and this is already a very strange season

Mal said...

I'm having problems downloading the latest podcast JJ. Never had a problem with the other ones. Any ideas?

jj said...

Hmmm... odd one mal, will have a word with marko on that one.

Mark said...

should be fixed now