Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Transfer Day

So, what a transfer day, eh? The first interesting since, I dunno, 1963.

Manchester City are such a complete entertainment package that you wonder how Sky haven't started selling subscriptions to their soap opera. Barely 2 weeks ago, their owner ran out of money, was rumoured to be extradited to Thailand, and was searching around the world for investment. Bought by UAE billionaires Adug yesterday, they immediately, and funnily, set about hijacking arch-enemy United's Berbatov bid. Berbatov did however join United after being whisked along in Fergie's car hiding under a blanket on the back seat.

So, City snapped Robinho from under Chelsea's noses instead, and I am enjoying the fact that the Great Satan, Peter Kenyon, will be asked to justify himself today to Roman.

City were also rumoured to have bid for David Villa and Mario Gomez. The Brazilian Ronaldo and Barca flop Henry are also targets of the new regime.

What Mark Hughes makes of this is unknown so far, but even with trophy hunting, ruthless billionaires behind the club, this represents a fabulous chance for Hughes to crack the top 4, a stated ambition of the new owners. He won't be given time, and will likely have some difficult work with helping Robinho & Jo adapt to the Premier League but a quick glance at their squad list shows their potential. Let us not forget that City were well placed for half of last season, and with deep pockets, it looks like only a matter of time before they make it.

All of this of course represents a set back for the other top 4 chasers. Spurs have sold heavily, spent heavily, and still don't look the finished article. Aston Villa have spent in the region of £50m this summer, yet look no closer than last season. Everton seemed to have slipped back a bit, while Newcastle need a season of stability, especially from their pint-swilling owner.

And I wonder will Arsenal and Liverpool be worried by Man City? Wenger's team will win nearly all their home matches, but a squad that was lacking in numbers last year has even less this time round, and a long season will again challenge them. While over at Anfield, Liverpool look no closer to doing anything since Benitez arrived, while he seems intent on arguments, power struggles, buying the wrong players and selling or trying to sell the wrong players. Whatever the permutations, it looks like we're in for an exciting season, which, while it may not match last season's 3-way title battle, will have enough sub-plots to keep the most avid soap watcher intrigued.


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