Thursday, 28 August 2008

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Mark & JJ


JJ said...

What a terrible performance last night from pool. Zero width, even though i do think ronnie whelan was going a little overboard with his frankly frightning emotional speech on benitez's reign.

babel looked very flaky when he came on; no first touch from kuyt (who will never ever ever ever ever ever be dropped by rafa); yossi just ran into people and gerrard ran around doing little else other than injuring himself further. Torres too was poor and robbie's air kick summed up his night. Thank god for carra, skrtel and pepe. Arbeloa not much kop again either.

As mark said to me today, thank god they didn't have to play Good Liege.

Anonymous said...

Just been watching the Champions league draw. I've seen Cech,Terry and Lampard honoured by Uefa!!! Are you fuckin kidding me????
What a crowd of Champions League under-achievers!!

Paddy N said...

Just incase you didnt know Mad Jens still has it

Mark said...

ah Mad Jens, like Mourinho, I was glad to see him go, but then you do miss some comedy gold

as for Uefa's team of the year, it is a bit of a joke (maybe it's out of date?):

Terry over Vidic? Abidal over Evra?
Ibrahimovic over anyone?

JJ said...

That team is quite bizarre, zlatan was busy missing chances aplenty against pool when torres put inter out. And alves?? Sevilla went out fairly tamely while alves spent much of that campaign moaning about not being let go from the side.

Mark said...

this is brilliant, if possibly complete lies:

darren said...

Everton appear to have signed Louis Saha subject to him passing a medical….Saha, who in preperation for the medical has been:
- wrapped in cotton wool and been made sleep in an oxygen tent
- bathe in the bre@stmilk of 33 Syrian Virgins before being massaged by the personal masseuse of the Dalai Lama
- Implanted into the womb of a specially trained Panda, for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.
-given a blood transfusion to replace his injury prone blood with the blood of 6 Tongan newborn babies
And been shaved by Pope Benedict's Turkish barber

All Liverpool and Man Utd fans are kindly asked not to breathe while reading this email as such sudden changes in local climatic conditions could have untold effects on Mr. Saha's general well-being.

Rumours that Mr. Saha's groin is still suffering twinges from the 2005 Asian tsunami are just that, rumours.

JJ said...

That jewell story is absolute gold. The comedy goings on at derby continue apace.

PaddyN said...

Great site for keeping track of transfers (and if your too pikey to buy football manager and are constantly updating the 2006 version)

Everton Vs Liege could this be a shorter European foray than their champions league visit

Anonymous said...

lads ye should make a fanto footie league..

Buckley said...


ODF said...

fantasy football league, yes we should set one up, but my passion is gone for it, and therefore would make an embarrassment of myself. JJ, whilst trying hard, still finished behind me, so... maybe next season