Friday, 15 August 2008

ODF 15 Aug Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:

Results & Fixtures
Pub Talk
Hopes for the season

We hope you enjoy the show,

Mark & JJ

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Mal said...

Great to have you back once again. You could have started the show with Renegade Master instead of since you've been gone.
I'm with JJ on his Moyes theory. WHo wouldn't be put off signing for Everton after talking to that moany prick?

JJ said...

He doesn't exactly scream 'good times, good times' does oul David. Unless you're Phil Neville of course.

Parrotbait said...

Hows it going fellas, been travelling around Asia like a big hobo so not keeping up too well. Tried getting latest show but download keeps failing, using rss feed is it buggered? Could be my stupid iPod. I'm gonna do what loads of annoying people do to podcasts and request more coverage of the Aussie soccer please?

Oh wait no sack that, the a- league is mostly a crock of shit

Mark said...

parrot - thru a tiny miscalculation on my part, the mp3 was about 40 or 50 mb last week, maybe why it is timing out (it is usually 15-20 megs). i'll check the rss though, make sure it is ok

Anonymous said...

Agree it's good to have you back lads. Who is this Whelan dude? Altho' Ireland 1-0 up @ moment so you never know. Good blog and comment on the tired issue of the england captaincy over at twohundredpercent and JT forensically dissed 'tho that hardly needs CSI type equipment. Wonder will Cesc still be best in 'the world' with arrival of Deco to Prem league Gilesy? Also Riquelme Messi seemed fairly handy against Brazil yesterday. Cheers TMcG