Friday, 1 August 2008

ODF 01 Aug Podcast Online

Hi Folks,
we're back after our extended break with a new podcast.

We discuss:
Pub Talk - all the important news, including weird men with beards and hair
Transfers - the 20 Prem clubs get the ODF analysis
Fixtures - we preview some upcoming fixtures and discuss Valon Behrami's wife

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Mark & JJ



Buckley said...

Good to have ye'z back.

Quoting the sun, meaning you bought it? tutututut! You're a shite Liverpool fan.

JJ said...

It was on a print out, wouldn't buy the oul currant bun. More of a Funday Times man myself... 'archie will you ever learn'

Anonymous said...

Great to have ye back you lazy bastards!!LUHG.