Friday, 22 August 2008

Kevin Doyle Transfer?

Rumours surfaced today that Kevin Doyle has interested Aston Villa, Everton (and, I'd say Sunderland too, for obvious reasons) with the player himself saying: "I would expect something to happen before the transfer window closes."

But I am wary of this proposed move for Doyle.

I, and others certainly, were excited when Doyle moved to Reading from Cork City in 2005, then scored 18 goals in the Championship that season.
So far so good, and upon promotion to the Premier League, went on to score 13 goals in 32 league games. The tabloids generated some headlines, most notably '£10m Doyle to Man Utd". This had little if any, basis in fact, though perhaps it got to Doyle.

Last season, like the rest of the Reading team, Doyle struggled, scoring a miserable 6 goals in 36 league appearances.

For Ireland, his scoring rate is OK (5 in 18 appearances) given that a) Stan the Man was managing Ireland and b) that Keane was more likely to be in the box, poacher style.

But there is no question his performances have dropped and his goalscoring tailed off noticeably since the end of his first Prem season, and I can't help but think that a season in the Championship would benefit both Ireland and Doyle.

Ireland would have a striker regularly playing and scoring goals, while Doyle will get some fluidity & confidence back in his game.

Going to Villa or Everton could, perversely, be a step backwards for Doyle - I suspect he won't learn much sitting on the bench as Carew or Yakubu start ahead of him. So, don't do it Doyle, score the goals to get Reading promoted and have another crack at the Premier League next year



Cathal O'Brien said...

This might answer as to why he wants the move.

ODF said...

quite apt, but he's hardly poor now :)

Cathal O'Brien said...

I'd say in football terms he aint exactly rich either. If I gave ya 40k a week, nxt year you'd probably want more.

Buckley said...

He could seriously do with a change, has been woeful for over a year now.