Monday, 30 March 2009

Anybody else think the booing on Saturday was a disgrace?

The headline says it all really folks, Ireland were booed off by sections of the crowd on Saturday and to be honest I think that was fairly petty. Okay, it was an atrocious performance from many of the team; and alright there’s always the excuse that ‘people have paid their money so aren’t they entitled to… blah blah blah’, but really on Saturday, it was the last refuge of the idiot.

The one thing most people get confused about when it comes to the Staunton era – and in particular when the side were booed off after the home draw against Cyprus – was that the majority of this anger was rooted in fans being tired of being taken for a ride by the yokels in the FAI. Hiring the Stan and Bobby show and pretending they had had a ‘world class’ team instead the more truthful ‘cheapest option we could find’ pissed off the nation and well it should.

Saturday was not a great showing by the side but booing McShane because he’s shite is hardly fair. Shout at him during the game, fuckin blog about him after if you feel the need but booing this time around was uncalled for.

The sad fact of the matter is that the people who did most of the booing were most likely the same fuckwits who tried to start Mexican waves throughout the many lulls of the game. And people who start the whole wave rubbish generally know as much about football as a deaf hedgehog, and the same goes for people who boo everything that displeases them rather than saving that displeasure for times when it’s actually warranted.

“People,” as Jerry Seinfeld said, “they are the worst”.

Later, JJ


Mark said...

totally agree, booing a draw against a higher seeded team is not on. yes, we should have pushed on a bit more, trying to get the win, but what exactly did Bulgaria create? A couple of half chances during the whole match, and only scored because Kilbane is an unlucky chap.

Ultimately a disappointing night, a pity so many of our players are simply not good, though Il Trap is getting all the stick.

Now I'm off to say a prayer to the Dark Lord that Steve Finnan gets fit again...

Buckley said...

Harsh on the players really, who are obviously only carrying out the coach's instruction which is the cause of most the frustration i'd imagine. And how else can the fans make their frustrations heard? Doesn't help anyone, but thats the way it is.

Benitez gets a hard enough time for being "negative", but Trap takes that to a completely whole different level. It really is the shittest football i can remember us playing in a long long time, and lets face facts, he's been very lucky up until now with results. There isn't even any of that "great irish spirit" there anymore.

At least Staunton and Kerr tried to get us playing a bit, which don't get me wrong, was probably just as, if not moreso, painful a sight.

But we're still in a good position, so there's that at least. There's a horrible sense of the inevitability of it all. The wheels are definitely gonna come off.

Jumpthefence said...

I've said the same thing over on jumpthefence lads. I was ashamed of it in the stands, but there was an awful amount of "fans" near me who clearly didnt have a notion and without being overly judgemental, struck me as the sort who only watch Man Utd games and who wouldnt know much about irish players.
Terrible performance, but we're not a very good side. Where we ever got the idea we're worldbeaters, i've no idea.

Buckley said...

See this pisses me off just as much as the boo boys. This notion that the players we have available have never kicked a ball.

And who, are these people that expect us to be world beaters? I'm yet to meet a single one.

Is it so much to expect us to play a bit of football and show a bit of quality against the likes of Cyprus and Georgia, even a very poor Bulgaria side??

Mark said...

Buckley - Benitez is negative with good players, that's why he gets stick.

As for Bulgaria, they were technically better than us, things like being able to pass the ball to each other. It is all very frustrating, but we're lacking good players in certain positions, LB, RB, 2x CM and Kevin Doyle has done shag all recently. If Trap gets us to a play off he'll be doing great. I'm happy to put up with shit football as long as the results keep coming in