Thursday, 5 July 2007

The New Generation

The under 20 World Cup is in process in Canada (seriously, why have it in Canada? Is it one of those things to promote the game or was there a shedload of cash involved...) so I thought I'd have a look at some of those involved.

The new generation of Argie chokers can be seen beating Panama 6-0 here:

Argie squad list:

Ones to watch:
Emiliano Insua (Liverpool)
Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid)
Federico Fazio (Sevilla)

Bruno gama, right winger, Portugal

Spain squad

Portugal squad

One to watch - Zequinha - only because he has a cool name

Brazil have some class players:
Willian (in the new nike ads….,en,0;shootinggallery,)
Jo (striker - CSKA -
Alexandre Pato (Chelsea and Milan want him, along with the rest if the world - see The Duck here
Luis Adriano - Shakhtar -
Ji Parana - Internacional

Incidentially, I'm in Spain and was reading Marca the other day. Despite my Spanish being poor, at best, this line was unmistakeable: "The black power trio of Henry, Abidal and Toure seem to be the perfect antidote for Barca".

So, it's good to see they're keeping a lid on the old racism....



tyduffy said...

What is really weird is that they are televising it live in prime time on their national network (CBC). They also apparently have the most rabid fan base in MLS in Toronto, and its only their first year.

Perhaps this is the dawning of a new era of Canadian footballers coming to invade the Premier League, which would be positive in my view. With so much money in the game the players now are actually shelling out 15 GBP for a decent haircut. This would rectify the mullet shortage.

Mark V said...

according to one of our listeners from Canada, David Edgar is like a god over there, ever since that goal for Newcastle against Man Utd...

Canada used to have a couple of decent players, hopefully we can see a few players coming through, as long as they're not french-canadian, cos there are enough moany Frenchmen already in football...

It was a good idea for the MLS to include Toronto I think

JJ said...

Insua has been a Benitez golden boy for some time. Looks a decent bet for the future. I wonder could the argies choke in two tournaments simultaneously with the copa on as well?

Mal said...

I agree about Insua. The fact that he's so highly thought of within Anfield has made me wonder why we're being linked so heavily with Heinze. Why not give the young lad a chance in some of the lesser games?

Mark V said...

More opportunites should be given to the young talent - Insua can't be any worse than some other defenders Benitez used recently i.e. Josemi and Kromkamp.

Similarly, at Utd, Pique and Rossi should be given a chance, especially after decent seasons in Spain and Italy respectively.

Rafa is making some good signings of youth players recently, which can only be good for the future for the Pool, he has to give them a chance though

Re: Argentina, I'd like to see them win in both tournaments, have to say it is unlikely given their recent record. I always had a suspicion that Inter never won anything until the past 2/3 years because of their reliance on the Argies as the backbone of their team...

Mal said...

The Inter team last season was full of Argies and they won the league. Zanetti, Cruz, Burdisso, Crespo, Cambiaso, Samuel and Solari.

Mark V said...

true Mal, but it was the first one since 1989....