Monday, 30 July 2007

Svennis Shows Presence

A while ago, as JJ pondered the arrival of Sven to Man City, he asked some questions (

Will he attract top players?

The answer to the question is yes. Well, at at least as good as Man City could possibly get, in their current situation. So, here's a quick run thorugh of their recent signings.

Gelson Fernandes - 20 year old Swiss U21 International, 6ft tall midfielder. Sven believes him to be the best young Swiss player, but in fairness, the competition is hardly stiff. Verdict - youth on his side and relatively cheap, not bad

Rolando Bianchi - 24 year old Italian striker, scored 18 Goals in 37 Games last season for Reggina. A slow starter, in 05/06 he had 1 goal in 9 games and the season before, 04/05, 2 in 25. Verdict - a risk, especially for £8.8m, but he can't be as bad as Corradi. (

Martin Petrov - 28 year old Bulgarian left winger, a £4.7m signing. Verdict - a good player, will give City some much needed creativity and cheap at the price. (

Elano - 26 year old Brazilian attacking midfielder, a £7.4m signing from Shakhtar. Recently won the Copa America, he has good skill and passing. Verdict - he's no Kaka but looks a decent bet. (

Geovanni - 27 year old Brazilain midfielder, once bought by Barca for €18m, his career has waned since his youth. He spent much of his time with benfica and last season on loan at Cruzerio. Verdict - a man with talent on a 1 year deal, a no risk signing who could come good.(

Further signings will come - moves for Juventus defender Chiellini, and Mikael Silvestre are rumoured, and I think we will get a good season from City.

Will the tactics or football be any good? We'll see soon,



JJ said...

I know a lot of people go on about youtube clips proving nothing but in fairness there's enough in there to make even the harshest cynic think that city might be on to something this year.

Bianchi looks like a natural finisher and unlike samaras he's coming from a decent league and unlike corradi he doesn't appear to be shy of putting his weight about.

Elano and Petrov both look like solid buys while if Geovanni hits a few crackers and is a decent impact sub then he'll prove his money's worth. He certainly hit a few screamers for Benfica.

I think the thing to remember here is that Sven only had half a summer to prepare. Give him time and next year he'll have a quality squad put together - there's already enough sides a lot worse than them in the league. I can't see chris hutchings attracting the kind of talent eriksson has in just over a month.

The disgraceful way City sold out to a complete cunt aside, the cash is being spent well. In a league full of Fat Sams, Little Sams and Alan Bloody Curbishley we should be thankful for the entertainment of the sven circus.

Mark V said...

yea, i think he's doing well, if he brings in nery castillo and a defender or 2, they'll be in a solid position

Mark V said...

well he won't be getting Castillo anyway..,17033,8652_2630184,00.html

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