Friday, 14 September 2007

Holiday Time

Hi All,
I meant to write earlier in the week about the Irish internationals but with my holidays I didn't get the chance. To sum up what I was going to say -

Stan must go. He has no clue. He can't pick a team - right back at left back, left back at right back. He bemoans bad passing but leaves his best passer on the bench. He throws in unproven youngsters (and Douglas, a League One player) when he has better options.

Harsh? No, he makes half a million a year, added to the millions he earned as a player, so I've no sympathy for him.

I must be off, so to sum up the week - Ireland bad, England good, Ferguson getting kicked in a London tube station was funny, and I wouldn't have liked to be in the middle of the Northern Irish row on the plane.

I won't be around next week, but JJ should be here with a blog or 2. There'll be a podcast next weekend, enjoy the coming week.



Mal said...

I think he should go but I don't think he will. Delaney will protect him as he knows that he himself would get the bullet if Stan goes.

Anonymous said...

Leave Stan alone, he is a very astute coach. All his decisions made sense tactically. Is it his fault if his players are gak? The Louthmans genius will be heralded by the Heddeld in time. Shame on you for calling for his head. YE will be remembered like those fools who called for Fergies head way back when. I agree with Blood when he likens Ireland's situation with that of post Euro 84 France. We obviously have the players to win a tournament and if we pump in a wagon-load of cash to develop our youngsters from being gloryhunting metrosexual whingers to hardy, wiry-chest-haired warriors, then the future looks bright. In the meantime, perhaps Stans undoubted talents could be brought out to more effect by qualifying us for the special olympics (do we have to qualify?).
Go on Ireland, long live the revolutionary thinker John Delaney. Stan is great.
Dundalk Dave

Anonymous said...

As a proud Droghedian, I hate the way the national media often refer to Stan as the Droghedaman. He was born here and we shipped him out to Craptown before he could settle. We don't want him! We have enough problems with Haaartey and Gaz Kelly being from the town. Leave us alone you bastards.
Darren Drogheda

JJ said...

I loved the statement from delaney this week that talked about all the good work the FAI was doing and virtually nothing about Stan. Mark my words, there will be another ballboy from walsall in charge soon enough.

Darren said...

The death knell has tolled. The bubble burst. The inevitable has happened. It's over pal, forget it!!!!!!!!!!! Rafa Benitez has stated (in September!!!! Imagine?) that after flukily scraping a point away to Portsmouth, Pool are going for the double!! No, not the League Cup and the FA Cup, not even the UEFA Cup and the League Cup, but, bless, the Premiership and the Champions League!!!! Them's biiiiiiiig statements! That's Stevie G speak. It's dangerous and it sets up pool fans nicely for November, when Rafa the Gaffa sets sail on good ship Pool, casts his net far and wide, waits a bit, has some pizza, then a wee bit more then returns to haul in his net only to realise the holes are too big, and he's caught nothing!!!! As he struggles to weather the storm, he calls out to trawler Man Utd to slow down, leave some of the catch for everyone else!!! But Cap'n Fergie is too busy munching on his massive haul of fishfingers at his table (but without a ship full of prepubescent boys, mind).

Liverpool are like Pat Dolan. They have a refined appreciation for a ll foods foreign. They enjoy eating out the Michelin restaurants of Turin, Milan, Barcelona and Istanbul, and taking doggy bags home with them to boot. However it's the homegrown stuff that makes poor Pools tummy churn. He can't stomach a fish n' chips at three o clock on a Saturday in Birmingham, or a Yorkshire Pudding in em Yorkshire of a Tuesday night in November. He'd rather be scoffing tapas in Spain or Pizza in Porto. His corpulent mass leaves him weak and tired for the bruising encounters at Blackburn, where they only ever serve steak and kidney pie, and beat up anyone who disagrees with them.....

He's even forgotten how to cook Shepards pie. He doesn't even know how to turn the oven on anymore!! Instead, like an overworked officeboy, he lobs the readytogo meal in the microwave and scoffs at the others preparing the food. He finishes before everyone else too, but he's still hungry, so he goes to the shop to buy some more readymade food to plug the gap.....he can't understand Lord Fergie paying so much for untested vegetables from Portugal when you can get cheap vegies that are marked down before they rot like Pennant potatoes down the maaket, or lovely big Crouch scallions. Pool look at Masterchef Alex as he lovingly chops away the not so nice bits of his Portuguese vegies, grills them slowly (don't want to overcook em and burn em out before theyre done, Like what happened with that Sharpe) and serves them up hidden under his homegrown pie, creating a culinary delight that never fails to please.(except in Italy, where they make nicer food).

Anonymous said...

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