Monday, 3 September 2007

We have a title race

I don't particularly want to be a Premiership cheerleader, there's enough people calling it "the best league in the world" with not much justification, but this weekend was top class. We have a real title race in the offing.

Arsenal continued their good start to the season, in Fabregas they have a player who can mask their deficiencies and was instrumental in their dismissal of Pompey. His goal threat from midfield makes him twice as effective as least season. Arsenal need their defenders to be fit (i.e. not to have Senderos on the pitch), Rosicky and Hleb to play decently (give the ball to Cesc) and Van Persie to become the player he has the talent to be.

Liverpool has started brilliantly, their only blemish was being robbed of a victory over Chelsea. A hammering of Derby cannot really tell much but they certainly weren't beating similar teams with such ruthless efficiency as on Saturday.

Chelsea have been dodgy at the back this season - it is no coincidence that Carvalho is injured. He holds the back line together and is a far superior player to Terry. A defeat to Aston Villa augurs well for those looking for excitement towards the end of the season.

Man United are still stuttering but crucially they've won their past 2 games despite not playing well. The return of Saha adds a much lacking goal threat, and Ronaldo has finished his suspension. They are only 2 points behind with a game more played.

The upcoming fixtures of the top four show more potential slip ups. United are away to Everton, who surely won't be as charitable as last season. Spurs will be even more eager to beat Arsenal at WHL, and have the firepower to trouble them. Liverpool are away to Portsmouth in another stern test. Chelsea meanwhile entertain the talented (and sometimes filthy) Blackburn in preparation for their trip to Old Trafford the following week.

And it all adds up to a cracking next few weeks. We have the potential for a 4 way title race. Fixture wise, Liverpool are best placed to open up a lead in the next 2 weeks, and that may guarantee some real super Sundays.

Can't wait,



JJ said...

Yeah things look pretty open now alright. From a Pool perspective, Arbeloa could be this season's Evra - a guy who came in the previous January and no one is sure of but who excels the following year. He's been Finnan-esque so far this season, long may it continue.

Babel again looked decent but in all honesty it was derby... and derby, let's face it, are shit. If Pool beat Portsmouth away from home it'll be a huge win though.

Three away wins from three games would be very un-benitez like.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the unbridled optimism of the Liverpool fan, like a man who's gone boozing on an empty stomach, he's already's still early doors chief. He'll be thrown out of the pub, disorientated and wretching, be sent by the bouncer to get some chips into him if he wants to be readmitted to the nightclub by which time all the class birds will have been taken home by the usual suspects leaving poor pool fan to go home and get what he can out of Ms.Carling and thank the lord at least he made the most of the night and got some jollies. Even if they were mediocre and hes been there (too many times to remember) before...ah well always next week. Maybe a fancier shirt will do it, or a tighter pair of pants...

JJ said...

Anon leave me to my early season jollies for I know they are all I have.

I think I'm just thankful that, unlike the last six or seven years, I can still be optimistic in mid-september as opposed to defeated in mid-august. It’s a whole new world.

Generally the pool are 'concentrating' on europe by now. By mid november I may indeed be looking at the carling cup like a shiny real trophy but for now a six-nil win will do. Twenty years of supporting them means I have to enjoy the good times as the very, very mediocre times are merely a 2-1 defeat to Bolton away.

In previous blogs I said united would win the league this season and I still think they will despite a retirement, a defeat to city and a set of footballers so thick they allow a hooker to photograph them on her phone.

tyduffy said...

Normally, I would gladly pile-on any anti-Liverpool comment. But Liverpool supporters have a right to feel good, since their club have arguably been the most dominant in Europe so far, even though the season is young.

A "twice as effective" Fabregas is a scary thought for the rest of the Premiership. He was arguably a top 5-10 player in the league last season scoring 2 goals. How good will he be if he scores 15?

Mark said...

anon - or a goatee?

tis very early days yet for the pool, you would expect them to beat sunderland and derby anyway, so that doesn't tell us much. the chelsea match - they've started strangely so far, but the pool should have won and a win against villa from a dubious freekick. they look like a team with intent but we'll hold judgement for a while, lets see how they get on against the top 6 or 8 teams in teh run up to Chrimbo

Fabregas has some amazing talent, and despite the fact he plays for the Arse, I wanna see him do well and keep improving as he is great to watch.

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