Thursday, 11 June 2009

It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s sale of the farckin century innit…

Alright folks,
Another quick blog today and this time there can be only one story. England v Andorra…. Are England the greatest side ever? Have they re-invented the game? Isn’t it great that Fabio Capello has made multi-millionaires fall in love with the game again?

Well actually that’s not really a great story so let’s concentrate on a hush-hush transfer story emanating from Spain.

Now that United have accepted the Ronaldo bid and due to the fact that it’s absolutely gigantic who do you think they should spend their money on? I reckon they should put it all on Newcastle to come straight back up, safe money that. At the very least they can pay up the rest of Berbatov’s contract and send him back to Spurs what with their boomerang policy for buying back players. Expect to see Gary Mabbutt back at White Hart Lane sometime soon as well.

I’m moving off the point though, if there is a point… anyway, essentially, after all this rambling, who should Unireh buy to plug that greasy hole Ronaldo has left behind him? If I was Ferguson I’d at least try and piss off the rest of the top four by trying to pinch some of their talent – a marquee signing like Fabregas, Torres, Drogba, Adebayor or Monster Mascherano. Unlikely I know but it’d suit Ferguson’s shit stirring instincts to a tee. The rest of the summer will be very interesting at Old Trafford anyway.



Mal said...

Unireh should try to re sign Veron. He's a great fucking player.

Mal said...

What happened to I wouldn't sell them a virus?

JJ said...

And nani on the way out too, there must be a few signings on the way in the next week or so. The only thing is that United will be held even more to ransom than usual.

Other clubs always knew they had cash, now they know they have loads of cash and a fairly urgent need for recruits.

Anonymous said...

I would'nt say the need for new recruits is that urgent, unlike at Anfield! It's not as if Ferguson is going to see all of that cash anyway, is it? It was obvious the this deal was done 12 months ago the surprise is the size of the fee, 80 fuckin mill???? Whatever Ferguson gets to spend, he'll defo get a striker in, Valencia from Wigan looks like a done deal and a decent signing as well. And apparentley Yaya Toure has said he's not going to Arsenal and has had better offers elsewhere, I'd be surprised if Fergie was'nt sniffing around there as well.
Apparentley he's preparing to table a bid of £1.5 million for Steven Gerrard in the coming days, there's been no comment from Anfield as of yet!

JJ said...

Good call on Yaya Toure, he'd be an excellent signing considering Hargreaves will be out for so long.

In fairness LUHG, when you lose a bloke who scored 26 goals for you last season, got plenty of assists and scored 42 the season before i'd say it's a fairly urgent matter you get a replacement. Stats on when he was out of the Unireh team last season back up his importance pretty substantially.

As for Pool, urgency is not something they can be accused of, unfortunately at anfield it seems the only action this summer will be urgent scrambling to keep people rather than get people in but then it is early in the summer.

Overall, what I meant by urgency is that both Pool and United have to watch out for others getting in there first. The Liverpool board dithered over Barry and lost out for one thing, and similar will they/won't they meandering should most likely lead to david silva heading elsewhere.

If united dither over benzema for instance barca could sneak in, if they dither over ribery Milan could use the kaka money for him. This summer more than any other for a while urgency is absolutely essential.

Anonymous said...

I take your point.I agree totally. The one thing it's not easy to replace in any team is goals. He's had 2 exceptional seasons and for all Ronaldos egomania,and immaturity, the lad done good.
I'm not too bothered about Ribery to be honest,especially when Bayern are reported to want 65 mill for him. Benzema's good, he has'nt had the best of seasons by all accounts.
I think Ferguson will move quickly, he knows exactly who he wants, how much he has to play with and it'd be no surprise if Gill was wrapping up a couple of deals as we speak.
As for Gareth Barry, another example, if it were needed that money talks. Thought he dreamed of Champions league football! City may get there, but I think it''ll be 3 years at least.
Do you think JJ, that Liverpool will be able to compete for top signings this summer? Is there any truth in the stories of bargain bin transfers?

jj said...

If pool spend more than 15 million on a player this summer I'd be quite surprised to be honest.

Having said that though the 'bargain basement' comments are pretty rash and come more from the link to distin than anything else. Even on distin, at 31 I think that deal is just one of those that represents good business if it goes through. Why spend 10 million on potential when you can spend a few quid on someone proven who can give two years decent service in the back four and who's often a goal threat from set pieces. After seeing arbeloa's form drop, the disasters that were kromkamp and (cherry on top goals against real and at the theatre of prawns aside) dossena, a proven defender is what rafa needs.

It's like the sheringham deal, van der sar or even beardsley going back to newcastle a second time when he was in his thirties. A big move can reinvigorate a player so why not give him a try.

So that's me on the distin bandwagon anyway...

Oh and Ashley Young has been mentioned on a few blogs about the ronaldo sale and if I was a man u fan i'd say I might prefer him to ribery. Sure why not buy both.

Anonymous said...

Not convinced about your Distin argument, is he the best that's out there with his experience and a that age? He was in a shocking Portsmouth defence last season who only escaped relegation through the utter ineptitude of the rest of the teams down there. Glen Johnson was good though. Why not go for Richard Dunne instead? He did'nt have his best season either but I'd rather have him than Distin in my team.And he was awesome in Sofia last saturday.

Mark said...

well pool need a defender as back up due to Hyppia retiring. If i was a pool fan, far better to bring in someone young who may turn out good - need not cost a lost of money.

However, defence is not the priority, they need a back up striker (or, a high quality attacking midfielder)

JJ said...

Ignorance is bliss lads, the last signing pool need to make is a young central defender. They have skrtel and agger who are still young and the very, very promising martin kelly in the reserves. Carragher will still get plenty of games next season too. As far as promising centre backs go, they're well covered.

I'd argue for distin over dunne as the frenchie is a decent player who I'd imagine would be okay with coming in and out of the side, and he can cover at full back. Dunne would cost more, expect to play and only plays at centre back.

Mark you're spot on about a second striker/attacking midfielder though. Badly needed but would any striker worth their salt head to Pool considering what happened to keane and the system pool have employed for the last two seasons? Hard to see any big names accepting that fate. More likely to try and get a midfielder who has a knack for goals... wait a minute surely lampard and gerrard could play in the same team...

Mark said...

Lamps & Stevie G in the same team! That's the stuff of dreams. the word I'm thinking of is 'dovetail'.

back to defenders, i think they need a solid guy who can cover all 3 defensive positions, like o'shea or P neville, but only if dossena goes.
They have a great defense already, no need to do much

Mark said...

most surprising thing of the year:

The president of Uefa, Michel Platini, has criticised Cristiano Ronaldo's £80m price tag as "excessive" and suggested that such inflated transfer fees represent a "serious challenge" for the game.