Saturday, 20 June 2009

Michael Owen's Brochure

I was looking for this all week, and finally came across it.

Michael Owen's Marketing brochure.



jd said...

32 pages of pure genius that is....Might even be tempted to table an offer for the man(who never gets injured)....Im up for it anyway a euro each from ye should be enough...

p.s.please forward the money to my nigerian bank account..cheers!


Mark said...

obviously Hull were impressed:

"Hull want to land Toon's Michael Owen | Tigers offer £40k a week, £20k a game, £10k a goal"

Still a lot of money, but seems fair enough to me

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless!!

Parrotbait said...

Is it a fake?
Still the branding page is brilliant!

First class
Good looking
Clean and Fresh(???)

Mark said...

it doesn't look like a fake, and most of the details correspond to what was in the newspapers.

I hope I haven't been merked by Rio...