Saturday, 8 August 2009

ODF 08 Aug Podcast Online

Hi Folks,
our latest podcast is online.

We discuss many, many things:

Latest news & gossip.
Next week's fixtures & season previews.
Hopes for the season.

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Mark & JJ.



Mal said...

So you're both backing Chelsea? What I'm wondering is, where is Zhirkov going to fit into this diamond formation?

Mark said...

Chelsea by default really. Diamond looks a bit shit tho... anyone's title really.

Sad not to see Zhirkov yesterday... I presume he'll be on left of diamond.

Zhirkov, Lamps, Obi/Essien, Ballack/Kalou?

Mal said...

I think Zhirkov was injured yesterday. Might have to remove him from the fantasy team.
Will Foster keep his place? Didn't cover himself in glory yesterday.

JJ said...

As I said on the pod I think it's more a pathological fear of actually predicting pool will win the league than anything else. 19 years of hurt and all.

Think the top three from last season are fairly evenly matched. All have pluses and minuses - united still have a solid squad but history is against them (no team winning four in a row); chelsea have the best midfield in the league by a distance but ancelotti is rumoured to want to play 4-4-2, something which drogba has never taken to. Then there's Pool losing alonso but having a fully fit torres and gerrard in the ranks and a vastly improved threat from the backline with glenn johnson.

Toss of the coin stuff really. Just looking forward to the whole thing starting again.

Alex said...

Zhirkov is a perfect player. When he fells ok, opponents suffer. Wish sooner recovery!