Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Opening day blues cur(b)ed

Hey folks,

Well after Liverpool's pretty dire start to the season (not to mention a sloppy start for my Fantasy League team) I had the wind somewhat taken out of my sails, so luckily the above picture has come to light. Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is reuniting the cast of Seinfeld which is a very, very good thing.

However, should Pool lose tonight I may turn to six per cent cider and lots of it, as there's only so much joy that Michael Richards finally getting a job can bring into one's day.



Anonymous said...

just to say enjoyed new podcast, surely ye could scrap ur arses off a seat every 2 weeks for a podcast?
or at least once a month?

i mean its not like im a sad van driver and need something to pass the day

JJ said...

Ya see marko's a bit of a prima donna, if he sees a blue m&m we've to call the whole thing off. Then there was that production assistant who brought him tap water instead of Evian... poor bastard ended up deported back to meath.

It's a logistical nightmare but we'll try and be a bit more regular (careful now) this season.

Mark said...

I reject the accusation JJ, the only time water crosses my lips is when I have ice in my Jagermeister.

JJ said...

It was code chief, I meant he brought you uppers when you wanted downers. Can't get good help these days.