Friday, 4 September 2009

Dis, dat, and de udder

Hiya folks,

First up, apologies for the lack of blogs of late – work, a number of recently bought DVD boxsets, laughing at Chelsea and, let’s face it, beer have all got in the way of getting some thoughts down on the ODF pages.

However, like I said the last time, it’ll never happen again.

So now, a quick run through of the big matters before an international preview later…

First off, John Terry must be absolutely disgusted that he’s signed a new deal. With all the leverage that a transfer embargo brings he could’ve got that nine-year contract he wanted a few seasons back, along with a guarantee of becoming manager, a diamond-speckled ivory hook for where he puts his shirt in the changing room, the biggest car in the world and possibly several sections of Russia.

As it is, Terry, like the rest of the Chelsea squad will have to make do with the incredible amount of power the ban on Chelsea buying players until January 2011 brings them. If it remains, and it should considering all the underhand dealings that got John Obi Mikel as well as who knows how many other young, promising players to Stamford Bridge in recent years, Carlo Ancellotti will find himself as the only big name in danger of being shipped out of the club should all go wrong in the Premier League or Champo League(o). Of course, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United and several other English sides have been guilty of this kind of crap for years (why Spain hasn’t changed it’s laws to stop the top English sides poaching guys like Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Piqué and Daniel Pacheco is a bit of a mystery though) so it may just be the first example of such a ban but for now, laughing at Chelsea’s plight is great craic.

One upside may be the promotion of some of the Chelsea youth squad, though Gael Kakuta, the French youngsters at the centre of all this, may find himself not quite the cult hero when his time comes. One other bright spot may be some real changes in how Chelsea are run, and here’s hoping the Champions League-winning walking paper weight that is Peter Kenyon gets moved to his rightful place fixing the photocopier.

Arsene Wenger’s contention that the heavy Scots contingent at UEFA influenced the decision to single out Eduardo’s dive against Celtic the other week is sounding more plausible by the day such is the frankly Clouseau-esque approach to the incident. Players dive, they have in vast numbers since the early ‘90s and it’s become an accepted part of the game. It’s wrong, it’s bad for the game, down with this sort of thing etc, but this piecemeal two-match ban is not the way to stop it.

The seemingly subsequent decision to stop the punishments with the Croatia international’s ban is UEFA reverting to type and revealing themselves as having zero balls when faced with the prospect of creating real change. It’s this kind of attitude that has left Scotland ruled by England for thousands of years I’d say – the odd attack but full scale revolution? Not for them. Loser Celts, that’s all they are*.

If UEFA were to realistically say it’s not a witch-hunt they should have a panel set up to punish all divers from now on. As it is, it seems that whenever Andy Roxburgh, or whichever Scot it was, gets a little miffed, UEFA will bow to their wishes, but will stop short of bringing justice for all by not setting up a full time deterrent to place judgement on all Champions League and Europa League games from now on. Typical upper level mismanagement from a football governing body.

Nicklas Bendtner was wanted by Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. No. He. Wasn’t. Actually, I think I’m actually starting to warm to how deluded he is.

Back with an international preview later on. To finish now, a (shit) song.

Later, JJ

*I am of course joking there, and it could be worse lads, ye could be Welsh, they never even got a movie where William Wallace pinned the blame on the jews… :o)

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