Saturday, 26 September 2009

Weekend ahead

Alright folks,

A few quick weekend predictions to pick over, then obviously mock heavily come Monday morning. On a separate topic just how is it that Gillette can so consistently make Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer look like such tossers in their adverts?

Just saw one there. All three dressed in black, laughing at whacking a ball at a bloke, just generally looking like a triumvirate of absolute prats. It’s exceptional work and it’s even managed to carry on into a new version where Federer and Woods are animated characters and Henry steals a razor from them.

Perhaps they should take a few acting lessons from John Barnes. But not from Jamie Carragher.

Anyway, we’ll trundle on

Portsmouth v Everton: It’s kicking off pretty soon and I can see Pompey picking up their first points of the season. Well, point. 1-1
Birmingham v Bolton: Hello puke football. Hello Kevin Davies header at the far post to win it. 1-2.
Blackburn v Aston Villa: Villa have won four on the trot, Blackburn have been sluggish so far this season but I’d say this will end up a draw. Most likely 1-1.
Liverpool v Hull City: I’ll go for 2-0, Phil Brown will have had to have drilled the importance of this game into his side considering the pressure he’s under at the minute. Now, while some would urge Hull to throw this game in order to get rid of the only man to have ever used Jeff Winter as a style guru, I’d say they’ll hold out for a while here but Pool should have enough to pull clear late on.
Stoke City v Man Utd: Owen and Rooney confident, Fletcher kicking every opposing midfielder out of the game (yes, I’ll admit usually within the rules) as well as Giggs and Scholes playing decent football for men aged 46 and 78 respectively. Unireh win, 76th minute goal, followed by one in the 99th. 0-2.
Tottenham v Burnley: Burnley have been woeful on the road this year, they were horrendous at Stamford Bridge, laughably poor at Anfield and against a Spurs side delighted to playing someone outside the top four up against them I can’t see their record on the road getting any better. 4-1
Wigan v Chelsea: Six wins on the trot, a good few lucky wins along the way, I think Chelsea will run into an obstacle here and draw 1-1. I am, of course, wrong, but at the minute this result makes sense to me.
Fulham v Arsenal: Fulham won this game last year and this could be a cracking game. Fulham half time (1-0), draw full time (2-2)
Sunderland v Wolves: Sunderland should get back on track here. 2-0.
Man City v West Ham: City’s home form last year was amazing and that’s carried through to this year while West Ham have been pretty well… meh. They might give City a few problems but not enough to get anything. 1-3.

Later, JJ


Anonymous said...

".....99th minute...." Comedic genius.

Mark said...

Sheasy is a legend!

JJ said...

O'Shea has taken the mantle of unireh player i can't hate away from Giggs who I began to like when his career was on the slide for a few seasons.

Now that he's actually playing like zidane towards the end of his real and france career (only running when absolutely necessary, relying on brilliant passing and crosses to make an impact) I find his only redeemable feature to be how he shows up nani week in week out.

JJ said...

Oh and that city score should read 3-1 to the home side, hopefully with a fantasy league-helping wayne bridge hat trick