Monday, 28 September 2009

"There’s a physical courage Bill, and then…"

Hey folks,

Johnny Giles better save up some moral courage to get over this one. Apparently, according to Leeds fans, one Tony Yeboah – he of two cracking goals against Liverpool and Wimbledon and little else – was a better player for the club than oul’ Johnny, who spent 12 seasons in Yorkshire.

Still choking on his RTE canteen coffee at this betrayal by his former club’s fans, Gilsey won’t like hearing that in addition to being beaten into fourth place by the Ghanaian in a poll to discover Leeds’ greatest ever player, a certain Lucas Radebe ranked second only to Bill Bremner when the final tally was counted.

Perhaps it was the genuinely wonderful achievement of making Dominic Matteo look vaguely decent alongside him, but it still is a little surprising to see Radebe’s name so high up all the same.

This is all part of a ‘major’ Sky Sports online poll that a mate pointed out to me yesterday, where they attempt to find out the best players of all time for each of the 92 league clubs as well as the clubs of the SPL. Though, how seriously you can take the whole thing when the Leeds page starts with the words “you have voted in your thousands…” before listing the total number of votes as 1,209, is up to question.

Elsewhere, Robbie Savage somehow made it in at number two in the Birmingham poll (don’t those fans hate him), while in the Liverpool section, Luis Garcia got more votes than Graeme Souness (who may well choke on his TV-licence funded frappuccino beside a gasping Johnny Giles were he to be told of that). Garcia also got more votes than Fernando Torres… and Jamie Carragher… and John Barnes.

Obviously, this is all just more Sky bumf to fatten their website, grab a few more hits and possibly form the basis of a cheap as chips TV show for the Christmas period. What it does quite brilliantly though, is illustrate just how pointless such polls are*.

You can’t rely on people, people are idiots.

That was a public service announcement brought to you by OkeyDokeFootball. The announcement refuting all this and making the case for Tony Yeboah and Luis Garcia will most likely be made by Declan Ganley in the coming days**.

Later, JJ

*I obviously exclude all vaguely ‘poll’ related posts from ODF (even any on Graham Poll) as I’m a fantastic hypocrite. Plus we tend to just ask for the most hated players/managers – which are far more realistic votes – as well as other solid categories like managers who look most like crack addicts (David Moyes will just not let that title go). We’ll stand over all these results any day.

**Beyond any harping on about a yes or no vote this week; that bald git just gets on my nerves and anyone who has their vote swayed by his arguments should be vaporized in an Iranian ‘power plant’ experiment and have their ashes scattered across the grounds of Ganley’s enormous home.

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Rory said...

haha, its like daneil amokaci being evertons greatest. im sure he's up there too on their poll