Friday, 15 January 2010

Bounce, bounce, bounce… it’s the weekend!

Alright folks,

First there’s an A Team trailer; then there’s confirmation that the bloke who directed the first two Ghostbusters is coming back for the third instalment (Rick Moranis is too by the way… I know you were wondering) and then to boot, Fat Sam is in crisis at Blackburn. This week has had its fair share of ups.

But what about Liverpool you might ask? Considering my mood often directly relates to their results, considering how woeful the other night was against Reading and how Torres is out for six weeks, Yossi for four and Gerrard for two, not to mention the fact that the club still pays Ryan Babel’s wages. How can I feel okay after that? Well, after the lows that have been coming all season long this ranks as a mere four out of ten in the footballing pain stakes nowadays.

So, onwards and upwards and here’s a quick blast of predictions for Saturday’s games.

Chelsea v Sunderpants: I’ll plump for 1-0 Chelsea here, while there’s a part of me that’s hoping Guus Hiddink is there to get Roman Abramovich’s blessing to manage Liverpool, which is apparently (well according to a few English rags) needed before he can declare interest in the Anfield job.

Everton v Man City: Regular readers and listeners to the glory days of the pod will know there’s something about David Moyes I don’t like but up until now I couldn’t put my finger on it. Work rate, that’s what it is. The man demands it of his team and looks like a workaholic himself. I just can’t relate to it (he wrote, opening up a can of Arthur). I can see Moyes’ side causing a small upset here and getting the better of City 2-1.

Man U v Burnley: So very easy for Unireh. Plus they have the added bonus of revenge against a side that beat them earlier this year. I’ll go for a Rooney hat trick with three Evra assists. That would be just Fantasy League-tastic. 4-0 (with Evra getting one himself).

Pompey v Brum: A set of new owners worked out well for Birmingham while the guy who bought Portsmouth seems to have only invested around £35 in the club and that’s what it cost to get an extra large jersey for the fat git. However, Birmingham’s great run has to end somewhere and all the bizarre logic that rules football points to a home win. I’ll say 2-0 with the away side never getting out of first gear.

Stoke v Pool: Ah… Christ… Can they not leave this game for a few weeks? Any chance of more snow? A flash flood? A shower of toads? No? Ah well… actually I won’t even depress myself by writing down that Stoke will win, I’ll just trudge to the pub in the morning and hope for the best for Rafa’s misfits.

Spurs v Hull: I can’t see Hull keeping a clean sheet and as I can’t see them scoring more than one themselves there’s little or no chance of them repeating lat year’s win in North London. Easy enough 3-1 for the home side then.

Wolves v Wigan: Who knows. Let’s just play that A-Team trailer again.

Have a good one,


jd said...

Some good predictions...I fancy Sunderland to get something at chelski though..

I thought ye might be doing a special African Cup Of Nations pod, I guess it just wasn't to be...ha

How shit does that movie look!?Why not get da real BA?, he can't be on that much at snickers..


JJ said...

I dunno, flying tank versus plane = good movie usually. Liam Neeson's accent is a tad dodgy though.