Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Reading and Ryan Babel

I’m currently watching Liverpool labouring towards yet another footballing disaster against Reading. Just thought I’d point out that if Pool get any sort of offer for the man pictured above they should take it.

They should take it and run, and when the suspicion hits that the buyers may have figured out that he has very little idea how to run with the ball and not fall over… run some more.

And as I write Shane Long just scored. Christ what a season. His first for 15 games. Of course it is.

That is all, JJ

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JJ said...

Christ... well I hear the Europa League is very highly regarded in some countries. No real countries obviously, just the ones made up in Chuck Norris movies like Kurgmenistan or Mostinvakia.

Reading deserved that win in fairness, good to see Shane Long get a goal too.