Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Like money? Want some more?

Then bet everything you have on this man winning every player of the year award available at the end of the season. I hate Unireh, but after tonight’s display against City and after all his efforts thus far this season you’d have to hate football to not love watching this chubby git play the game.

Gary Neville’s still a tosspot though.



deadC said...

amen. He really is a pleasure to watch

Anonymous said...

am i right in saying if you have sky hd you can watch the match 2mor in 3D?!

Anonymous said...

What??? The silence is deafening!! Is okeydoke taking the high road and refusing to rejoice in the whole "Brave John Terry" mess? Please Joe...say it ain't so!

JJ said...

It's disgraceful alright but have been under the cosh at work and myself and marko went steaming into the red bull and vodka over the weekend so even in the non-busy times the head has been in bits.

No time for a full blog post just yet but will get to laughing at EBJT soon enough

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, any chance of any more podcasts at all? Its just that I have been in new zealand for 5 years now and i need to hear some slagging, un PC references and most of all cursing.


Mark said...

We had planned to do one at christmas, but that fell through. I'm up for an end of season one, so we'll try to organize that

オテモヤン said...


mo said...

C'mon its seriouly time to update the John Terry is a c""t segment, get podding now!

JJ said...

Hiya mo, sorry for radio silence - work related, plus initially I kinda didn't want to jump on the Terry bandwagon, since the whole armband shite the other day it's really brought home what a deluded moron the guy is.

Watching him cry at the World Cup will make a lot of people's summers and myself and mark are definitely doing some world cup pods to pick over the inevitable quarter final loss to portugal when it happens.

Back to blogging over the coming days once I've finished up a shitstorm of work.

soupnazi said...

That ridiculous arse waggle by Tevez is gonna cost me a television before the season is over. How does no-one on the pitch not plant a boot in his hole when he does it? Anyone who rips on Gary Neville can't be all bad but in a league that contains the likes of Jermaine Jenas it's hard to believe the gayest thing in it is Tevez's goal celebration.
Also, Gareth Barry must be going for the Tom Huddlestone award this year. That dude looks heavier slower and more ponderous every week. Bodes well for an unsuccessful England world-cup. Him and Lamps going head to head over the last pie.....Ah maybe I'm just having a bad day, thanks for the vent.