Friday, 23 March 2007

JJ with some quick and random predictions...

If all of these come in I win... eh nothing. But anyway feel free to mock away.

Ireland 2-1 Wales
Israel 1-1 England
Czech Republic 1-2 Germany
Ireland 0-0 Slovakia (talk about green tinted glasses here folks)
Czech Republic 4-0 Cyprus
Italy 3-0 Scotland
Luxembourg V Belarus (too close to call)


ODF said...

Ireland 1-1 Wales
Israel 2-1 England
Czech Republic 1-1 Germany
Ireland 1-1 Slovakia
Czech Republic 4-0 Cyprus
Italy 3-0 Scotland
Luxembourg V Belarus

lets see who wins!

tyler said...

I can't believe that you guys both picked England to score a goal.

Parrotbait said...

Ireland were rubbish, Stan and Delaney are a mess, plain for all to see. From what I could see here's what I think was wrong :
1. Play O'shea at right back when you have the best right back in the premiership in your squad(Opta stats-wise that is, I think so too).
2. Playing O'Shea
3. Playing a good left winger on the right
4. Playing Douglas at all.
5. Not playing McGeady,should have been on instead of Douglas.
6. Not starting with Doyle
7. Playing Kevin 'One trick pony' Kilbane

This is the team I'd go for

Finnan----Dunne----O'Dea/McShane-----O'Shea(I hate myself for that)

Think thats a reasonable and balanced team, no-one playing out of position cept for O'Shea, I hate Ireland's managers constantly playing players like Duff on the wrong side.

Ireland are away in Slovakia aren't they? 2-0 slovaks
Italy 1-0 Scotland
Czech 2 - 5 Cyprus(hahaha)
Luxembourg v Belarus called off due to being pointless.

Mark said...

agree totally with the seven points listed above, parrotbait. and yea, looking back, i can't believe I predicted England to score either, they must be even worse than I thought!