Monday, 26 March 2007

Victory, hogs, ratings etc

Lawro you cunt. Your job is no longer safe.... Pleased with my predictions for the weekend -Ireland 2-1 Wales, Israel 1-1 England, Czech Republic 1-2 Germany - three right results with one correct score. Mark will back me up on this; my predictions are usually shoddier than John O'Shea on the right flank so I'll have to celebrate this mini victory. Of course, all wednesday's predictions will fail miserably. I am after all the man who said Bolton would beat Man U at home and draw with them at the (insert puking noise here) Theatre of... no I just can't write that shite down. But anyway, on reflection those games turned out 8-1 on aggregate to Man U so not a great past record you'll agree.
Speaking of wednesday, I had the feeling of a single man who has just woken up with an absolute hog on sunday morning when I found that, after many many pints, I had drunkenly promised to take a ticket for the Slovakia game off a mate of mine. It'll be dirge so I'm already searching for a decent hip flask to empty cheap whiskey into in order to survive.
Agree with Mark's ratings/rantings completely; Ireland were terrible. Brady said in the Tribune it was a clear sign of a manager struggling for ideas. Stan's continued faith in Kilbane is a disgrace. His ignorance of Hunt is just as bad. How he can have the nerve to say that players from the Championship aren't up to this level then picks Plucky Leeds' captain is just fuckin criminal. And O'Shea.... really, there are no words for that decision.

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