Wednesday, 21 March 2007

A more regular blog from now on

Hi There,
our podcast is still going strong ( - now to do a daily blog, well, Monday to Friday anyway. Myself and JJ (my co-host of the podcast) will be updating with comments on the breaking news of the day and speaking about each upcoming podcast....

Funniest story of the week so far: (source: The Fiver)
John Hartson is expecting a visit from the bizzies after drunkenly throwing up in a cab, before refusing to pay the GBP85 fare andflashing his backside at the driver. "I've got a great cute b*m,"said Hartson to cabbie Mo Ajaib - who was recording theirconversation on his phone. "You're a dirty b*tch," he added. Leicestershire police plan to investigate, though Hartson has now vowed to pay up.

Podcast this week is out Thursday night, so visit the website for an outline of the show topics, including the legend of Garrincha and all the usual oul guff

Talk to ya soon...


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