Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Not another f**kin press conference

Howaya folks, JJ here…

Annoying things in the past few days in no particular order:

- The press complaining that Stan gave them only 32 seconds at pitch-side on Monday. Lads he’s never going to say anything interesting so, ironically, him saying nothing at all was the best story that could have landed in your lap.
- McClown telling bored Engerland hacks: “Someone who has watched a lot of international football said it was as good a performance as they have seen over the weekend.” You patronising moron. Of all the excuses to come out so far for England refusing to play a decent formation that excludes Fat Frank and includes the concept of ‘the pass’; this was the worst. I’ve watched a lot of international football including three games last Saturday. England were shite. Germany were good – did your friend see that game? You can fool yourself you oddly-quiffed prat but not anyone else.
- Kilbane in the middle. O’Shea on the right. Finnan on the left. Pure stupidity.
- John Terry and Steven Gerrard doing a press conference together. Two men who speak a load of shite for their clubs team up at last to bore the arse off us all simultaneously. Make the bad man stop!!!

Going to the game tonight and will be intrigued to see how the atmosphere is as I was told Saturday was dead (insert Mexican wave here). Tis rumoured Stephen Ireland might actually play behind Doyle rather than Duff. Stan the Tan seemed to be emphasising the need for wingers with Duffer beside him smiling like the Real Ronaldo in a pie shop. Though to assume anything with this manager is very, very dangerous.

Oh and if you haven’t checked it out we have a new article on how we hate Pele up on the site. Still have to do work on the following pieces – Maradona’s drugs bust in 94, Ronaldo’s fit in 1998 and what a legend Garrincha was. Hopefully my lazy ass will get that done over the weekend. Hopefully.

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