Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Capello's Job

I haven't had a chance to write about Fabio Capello yet, so here's the perfect time.

I've been amazed to see articles in the English media that are a bit critical about Capello.
The points made were:
  • He's being paid too much money - from an organisation that has loads of money, and who had previously made Eriksson the highest paid manager in football, why shouldn't they pay a better manager more money?
  • What about the root and branch review - ah yes, the old bugbear, reviews are supposed to be the FA's (or at least independent consultants) job on a continual basis, regardless of the sacking. I'll even give a quick and free root and branch review - your players, managers & coaches aren't good enough, sort it out! It has nothing to do with Capello's job.
  • But he's an Italian - yes, but no English manager is good enough.
  • He should have an English coach as part of his team - why? to teach them how to miss penalties and choke at the highest level? To take them out on the piss?
  • Why does he need a fitness coach? - you didn't have one and England have won nothing in 41 years. I think it's worth a try with one.
  • He can't speak English - do you think he can't learn it with all his free time. How much effort does it take to learn 'Frank, you're dropped' and 'give it to Rooney'?
  • He was hired too quickly, why didn't they wait a few months? - what is the point of hanging around while candidates rule themselves out or get different jobs?
So, it looks like it is impossible for England fans and media to like the manager, despite the fact that he has attained that mythical status of 'world class', has won everything there is to be won in the club game - they have got the best available candidate for the job, why are they giving out?

If only over in Ireland we had the option to slag off a manager of his genius (which we would) but we have the easy option of slagging off Howard Kendall, Liam Brady, Dave O'Leary, Ron Atkinson and Terry Venables. I mean, it's not even a challenge for Christ's sake.

So, I think a variation of Wife Swap is in order, we send Irish journos to England to try to give skillful back-handed compliments to Capello, all the while preparing for the article, for publication the morning after defeat, which slates him. And we get Harry Harris, Jeff Powell and the lads over here to extol the virtues of the prospective candidates, depending on who you're mates with (and what the betting is), while penning a 5000 word piece about the grassroots GAA in Mayo and appearing on every sports TV & radio show going. They won't last a week.

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tyduffy said...

It has been completely ridiculous. James Richardson called it a "lazy" hire.

He's the best and most qualified manager for the job. He was available and wanted the job. Money is not a factor for them provided they qualify for the World Cup.

It's a no brainer.

JJ said...

I think it's the FA's fault for saying they were going to do something they obviously weren't.

Much like John Delaney's oft quoted "world class appointment" comment before the Stan show rolled into town, Barwick was speaking in managerial guff to paper over the disaster of Steve McClaren. Capello is the best candidate but he's working for a bunch of bumbling blazers.

England fans should hope that from here on in the Italian has as little to do with the FA as possible.

stick man said...

good post mate... enjoyed reading it and you made some very true points. About the language barrier comment - you need to check this Fabio Capello blog ive found - its proper funny!

JJ said...

Fabio Capello has just 9 days, 13 hours and 11 minutes left to learn English for his first meeting with the England squad! Pledge your support now and help Fabio Capello learn English!

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