Thursday, 6 December 2007

ODF 07 Dec Podcast Online

Hi All,

Our latest podcast is online now.

JJ is off this week, and Cathal is the impact sub replacement. Apologies if the sound is a little off, there were microphone complications but it should be fine...

We discuss:

Fixtures & Results: Premiership & Champions League

Pub Talk: Kaka, Romario, Drogba, Sanchez, Liverpool, McCarthy & Houllier, Houghton, Mendieta, Ashley Young, Kuyt & Ferdinand

We hope you enjoy the show.

Download it:





JJ said...

A dagger, a dagger through my heart... nah, fair play lads good show. I'll be back, drunk and John Terry bashing, next week.

Mal said...

Haven't had a chance to listen to the new one yet. The JJ sub had better be good.

It looks like one of those weekends where none of the big four are going to drop any points. Status quo to be maintained I reckon.

JJ said...

Yeah, has the air of that alright. Pool could fuck up at Reading but it would be very much against their current form. Arsenal used up all their charity on Newcastle so can see Boro feeling the oul smackdown.

Cathal is a veritable David Fairclough by the way.

Mark said...

stereotypical and old, that doesn't mean it still isn't funny:

JJ said...

Nice. On a similar BBC gold of old comedy note, a far funnier russian revolution than chelski's one:

'He used to be bizarre'

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