Monday, 17 December 2007

Grand Sham Sunday

Time to reflect on another highly interesting, and at times, boring weekend in the Premier League. Grand Slam Sunday, as predicted didn't live up to the hype but we can now say the title is between 2 teams.

Arsenal vs Chelsea - Arsenal got a deserved win, and should have won it 2 or 3 nil. Terry's hilarious injury helped Arsenal but they were superior in a scrappy match. More diverting though was the constant niggle in the game, with a number of players lucky more cards were not flashed. Fabregas is displaying some very annoying traits and I hope he does not continue to turn into a stereotypical Wenger player, which would be a shame against his great talent

Liverpool 0 Man Utd 1. United just edged this, they came to Liverpool to sit back and try to hit on the counter, and the plan was successful enough. They didn't have many chances to score, but Liverpool's were mostly gifted by the crazy Van Der Sar. The image of him bouncing off 'Iron Man' Vidic remains the funniest of the weekend. The 'Pool's title challenge is over, slightly more from the psychological impact of defeat than their league position

Fulham 0 Newcastle 1. An injury time Barton penalty continues the Magpies good form but every team should be beating Fulham at the moment. Sanchez is under pressure

Man City 4 Bolton 2. Etuhu scored to give me a confusing few minutes. City continue their great home form, will they have enough for a top 4 spot? Add a top class striker and they'll have a good chance.

Portsmouth 0 Tottenham 1. Spurs continue to perplex, is this win the real thing or will they again turn to disaster? 'Arry won't be happy with this one, especially as they could have been in the top 4

West Ham 0 Everton 2. The Yakubu show rolls on, an excellent player who must wonder why didn't one of the top 4 buy him. A bit lazy but his scoring record is very impressive.

Wigan 5 Blackburn 3. What's going on with Rovers? Their defense is usually solid but they've been shipping goals recently. Santa Cruz must be feeling very unlucky after scoring a hat-trick yet still being on the losing team. Marcus Bent reminded us all he was still alive - well done!

Sunderland 1 Villa 1. A good point for Sunderland as Villa had previously had great away form but they need to start winning their home games to stay up.

Derby 0 Middlesbrough 1. A great goal from Tuncay provides a flattering 7 points from 9 for Boro.

Birmingham 1 Reading 1. Reading got their first away point in seven matches but they were hanging on here. McLeish has started well.

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JJ said...

Agree on the psychological damage done to the Pool championship challenge after Sunday. On reflection, I have to ask why Mascherno was detailed further up the field from Fantasy League goldmine Steven Gerrard? Madness, sheer madness. Your point about Yakubu is particularly valid with Chelsea – here’s a side who already knew they’d lose Drogba to the African Nations Cup and possibly altogether at the end of the season yet they did nothing when ‘Feed the Yak’ came on the market. Tis a two-horse race now alright boss.

Mark said...

yes, but Yakubu is Nigerian. United or 'Pool could do with a player like him though

JJ said...

Ah yeah, kind of a reverse-glendenning/malouda comment there.

ronan said...

I've got to say i've been incredibly impresssed by Anderson these past few games, he may actually be worth the 17 or so million they paid for hi in the long run.

Oh and the week i drop Paul Scharner and Marcus bent from my fantasy football team what happens.... that was like 25 points right there.

Mark said...

yea, very good, but i'd like to see anderson in a more advanced role, he has bags of skill

fantasy football - we've all been there, i was leading our mini league until fabregas scuppered my chances and blackburn turned shite

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