Friday, 6 June 2008

ODF 06 June Podcast Online

Hi All,

Our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:

Pub Talk: All the news that matters

Euro 2008 Preview - we run through the main contenders and decide it's going to be Deutschland uber Alles

Mark & JJ



Mal said...

Ken Early on Newstalk tipped Ballack for top scorer. Not a bad bet at 33-1 considering his penos, frees, goals, form and the likelihood that Germany will get far. I've a few quid on Portugal at 8-1.

Mark said...

I'd take Klose or Gomez over Ballack. They are playing Austria so there will be a few goals anyway

Paddy said...

I smell an Oleg Salenko coming up to ruin all my bets , some chancer like Frei will put 5 past Austria or something

mp3hugger said...

What about Russia at 28-1, great bet considering how good Zenith looked in the Uefa cup.

JJ said...

Hmmm... the rooskies eh? As I said on the show I think the awful way they choked against israel (plus only putting one past andorra)kinda counts them out. The zenit win was good but that tournament is still very much second fiddle to the champions league. Colour me unconvinced.

Anonymous said...

heard a rumour that Ronaldo might be going to Madrid but shh don't tell anyone. T McG

JJ said...

Outlandish. Scandalous. Frivolous.

Anonymous said...

hmm mp3hugger looks like you can tear up that betting slip. Good to see holland and spain inject life into this tournament as france looked lethargic and greece about to bring their brand of euthanasia to the stage. T McG

Anonymous said...

oh by the way there's no way that hoofer Terry flicks the ball up like that in that Samsung tv ad. Just saying......T McG

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mp3hugger said...

Pretty glad I didn't tear up the betting slip now ;)

The Russians are a joy to watch.