Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Totally off the subject of Euro 2008 but I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the downfall of Shoot? For me it was one of those things that you think is great when you’re a kid but one day, all of a sudden, realise is actually just a little bit pants.

One moment you flick through and read the articles avidly then a week later you realise it’s not really that important to find out what CDs footballers like (why always with the Phil Collins lads? Why?), or what John Scales gets up to on his day off.

Are any of ye mourning its passing? Or were ye more Match kinda people?


Meanwhile, totally on the subject of Euro 2008, ya gotta love the Italian conspiracy theory that those fiendish Dutch will send out a collection of hunchbacked circus freaks and the Craggy Island Over 75s Priests Team against Romania tonight. The Italians are only familiar with matches being fixed due to the convenient nature of their final few league fixtures every year while they are the only ones to blame for their current predicament in this tournament. Johnny Giles' view of their 'moral courage' should be an interesting aside this evening anyway.

Anyway, tonight I’m going for the French to go through. I just have a sneaking suspicion that the Romanians will get over-excited, send way too many up forward and get caught out by the Dutch on the break. In the battle of the over the hill heroes of yesteryear, I think the French may be saved by one of their bright young things – Benzema or the quiet thus far Ribery. Just a hunch, no doubt utterly wrong of course, but there you have it folks.

Later, JJ


Anonymous said...

It's kinda refreshing JJ that you make your predictions with the absolute certainty that you're going to be wrong!! And you did it again. The French squad have been ALLOWED to grow old toghether and in my opinion that is Domenechs biggest crime,allowing the egos of players who are clearly past it(Thuram,Makelele,Vieira and you'd have to include Henry)to dictate his squad and team selection.I have to say though I'm delighted the Italians are through,I think they had been very unlucky up to last nights game and will knock Spain out(although Pirlo is a massive loss to them).
I would mourn the passing of Shoot! magazine if I were 11 years old cos i thought it was great then, bit too long in the tooth now I'm afraid.

Cathal O'Brien said...

JJ is Wrong...Wrong ... Wrong oh did I mention Wrong!!!

JJ said...

Yes I was wrong, deeply, horribly wrong. Though things could have been far different had ribery not gone over on his ankle and abidal been clever enough to just allow toni to miss yet another chance.

The frenchies are no loss though, more for the way they've played football for the best part of this decade than anything. Slow build up, an assumption that one of their stars would dig them out of a hole; they're generally awful to watch. Benzema, Nasri and some others (including a sane manager) may bring about a renaissance but it's very doubtful considering boumsong may yet have a long, long future in that side.

Anonymous said...

Just watched MOTD for the spain greek highlights and not sure who the commentator was but made me want to turn the sound off. So proud of his GarTHia De La ReTH GuiTHa pronounciation fully expected a Boutros Boutros Ghalia out of him. Then Shearer showed up so sound did go off. And now here's a man ..selling some pipes. TMcG

JJ said...

I said exactly the same thing to a mate today; it's jonathan pearce - king of the idiots!

The 'ish' sounds after the greek players' names was awful as well. In short, if you commentate on Robot Wars, stay well the fuck away from football fatboy.

Tote Football Pro said...

Used to love the pull out you used to get at the beginning of the season with the league tables on it with little slots and cards with all the teams on so that you could change it every week.

Admittedly i got bored of it long before Christmas, but those first few weeks were an exciting time for a young boy like me with precious little else to amuse myself.

I long for a return to more simple times. The times of Shoot and Match...

*Gets all nostalgic*

JJ said...

Fuckin hell, I can hear the wholesome 'Hovis ad music' over images of those league charts dude. By week five they were always abandoned.

I don't know how many of ye read 4-4-2 but actually their standard of interviews are just as run of the mill as match or shoot. It doesn't matter what journalist they speak too, footballers are boring fuckers.