Friday, 27 June 2008

ODF 27 June Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online:

We discuss:
Euro 2008 Results and fixtures
Pub Talk - all the important news of the week, which includes biting.
Tournament Highlights - sweat, hair and Greece

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Mark & JJ


Buckley said...

haha, had to laugh at what you said regarding the BBC and UTV coverage. I post on RAWK, and the amount of justifiable whining about Pleat, Motson, Shearer, Townsend etc. just makes you appreciate the RTE all the more.

Was i the only that pissed myself laughing at that tit Bilic? Off the pitch i think he's quality, but on it, christ he doesn't half behave like a tit.

JJ said...

Big fan of bilic, crazy bastard who clearly doesn't like being in a suit (he kinda looks like a reformed alco going for a job interview). Successfully avoided the BBC again yesterday, did they have gary reading out some Kipling for old times' sake?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for monday night soccer...that should get us over the hump. TMcG

JJ said...

I think I'd actually the MLS if there were highlights on my cheapo version of ntl.

String said...

Well off topic, but here's a documentary that might be of interest. It's by Tim Vickery (of the excellent World Football Show on BBC 5 Live, and World Soccer, amongst others) on the history of black players in Brazil. Can only find part 1 now, hopefully the rest will be up in time. Anyway- here's a copy and paste on it:

In 1977 the footballing legend Pelé made a prediction that an African team would win the World Cup by the year 2000. He's never been allowed to live it down. But the question is was Pelé right. Did Pelé know something that we didn't? has an African team already won the world cup?

click on this link

In this fantastic new series, BRAZIL: HOW AFRICA WON THE WORLD CUP, South American football commentator and historian Tim Vickery examines what Pele meant by an African team and charts the history of Brazilian football from the beginning of the 19th Century when it was an all-European affair. We find out about the first player of African heritage to play for Brazil and the reaction from the President who believed that black players would bring disgrace to the nation.

Tim Vickery takes us on a journey to discover the real multi cultural Brazil and the social and national implication of a 'mongrel' nation that only accepted their countrymen of African descent as Brazilians because of their ability to play football.

We find out about the bandy legged Garrincha and the insecure Pelé and how Brazilians of African descent won the World Cup

BRAZIL: HOW AFRICA WON THE WORLD CUP made by Britain's online black-interest channel.

Presented by Tim Vickery BBC 5 Live, World Service, Football 365 (they call him the Legendinho on his World Football slot on BBC 5 Live, his American fans call him the Vickepedia so vast is his knowledge of the game in South America)

You can watch this ten part series BRAZIL: HOW AFRICA WON THE WORLD CUP on every evening at 8.00pm and if you miss it you can see it again on demand at

click on this link to see part one

String said...

Ah shite, that link won't post properly. Try googling the first paragraph of the cut and paste but, that should work.

Anonymous said...

Not the biggest celtic fan in the world but hope Paddy McCourt's move there from Derry city works out for him. Watched him play against Bohemians last year and he was the only saving grace on an otherwise black hole of a night. Oh if Berbatov fecks off to Utd. reckon Keane should take liverpool's offer. Rotation policy would leave him nicely rested for Trapp anyway? TMcG

Mark said...

string, thanks for that, will check it out later

TMcG - yea, I hope things work out for McCourt, the Reading lads have had a bit of success anyway