Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Euros and all that jazz

Heya folks,

Sorry for being all quiet on the blogging front but as I said last time out we’re taking it handy for the next while and since the only things that seem to be going on this summer are reckless rumour; feck all signings and the odd smattering of decent but hardly earth shattering news (ala Hughes to Citeh), there hasn’t really been much to blog on. Have we blogged when there has been feck all to blog on before? Well yeah, but it probably wasn’t sunny at the time. So, no news + sun = feck all blogaroo. It’s nature people.

Of course, this news vacuum is about to go ‘bye-bye Dorothy’ as the European Championships draw ever closer and now that we’re within two days of seeing quality football after that life threatening gap of… oooh two and half weeks since the Champions League final, I can’t wait for it to begin.

Many of course have floated the idea that a tournament without England or, in our case anyway, Ireland loses a lot in the build up due to no massive media encampment throwing back 100 stories a day. However, despite some people seeing this as a reason to say that the tournament would be richer with Ireland or England (or hell even Scotland, Norn Iron or even Wales) in it, I think this opinion will be blown out of the water once the tournament begins.

Look through the top sides – all with players we’re completely familiar with. Premier League players we see for 38 games a year; Champions League stalwarts we watch from the group stages to the business end of the tournament, not to mention others who entertain on Spanish football or in online highlight reels from Germany, Italy and France that many of us football geeks entertain ourselves with each week. It’s not like 20 years ago when we would have known a few top stars alone.

There will be no lack of familiarity once the games begin, so I stick by my stance of last November that Croatia’s 3-2 win over England at Wembley was a good thing for this tournament. But that’s enough England bashing, let’s concentrate on the teams that are there. Myself and Mark are doing the first of our Euro pods this evening (we asked our bosses to send us over to Vienna for two weeks but to no avail… some people are so selfish).

We’ll be discussing the groups; the contenders; the jokers; why Greece must not be allowed to win the thing again and a little bit of Pub Talk to boot. So, now it begins… football, drinking, football, more drinking… how did we ever survive that two and half weeks since John Terry slipped on his big fat arse.

Later, JJ

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