Monday, 26 May 2008

Round 'em up...

Heya folks,

I don’t know about you but yesterday I left the sports pages behind for the most part, sick to the teeth of reading articles about the managerial situation at Chelsea and examinations of Fergie’s legacy. If you read any pieces on the latter by the way, you wasted your time as Jonathan Norcroft’s interview with Ferguson, short though it was, was a far better read than anything by other hacks barely half Ferguson’s age judging him as ‘finally being a great of the game’ after his second Champions League success.

Yup, I suppose it’s the 29th major trophy, rather than a measly 28, that takes you into ‘greatness’. Ferguson himself had a decent chat with The Times’ football correspondent and revealed he has only three years left in the Old Trafford dugout before he retires to concentrate on his horse racing form, though many believe he will go before then. But when it comes to the Dark Lord Ferg, take nothing for granted and the thought of his cryogenically frozen head taking charge of the Manchester Kickballers United team in the 2374 ‘Thunderdome Tournament’ seems all too real to me. They’ll win the thing in ‘Megadethatude Overtime’ and, lo and behold, cue the post match interview… “Thunderdome, bloody hell!”

Anyway, aside from Northcroft’s decent article there was very little else to get excited about over the weekend, in fact it was about as dull as cricket betting – though Leedscomedy antics yesterday and John Terry telling us all he’s having trouble sleeping did raise a chuckle or two.

As for me and Mark, we’re certainly in wind down mode and won’t be podding this week as frankly nothing is going to be happening and we’re saving up enthusiasm for the first of our Euro 2008 shows the following week. The blog too may be a lot more random over the next ten days or so but for those who didn’t listen to our mammoth post-Champions League final pod on Thursday, here’s a rundown of who won what in our end of season awards as voted for by you (plus some handy YouTube links to take up the day in between bouts of work). Oh, and good to see Paul McShane celebrate his awards as only he can do.

Best player of the season: 1. Ronaldo 2. Fernando Torres 3. Rio Ferdinand

Worst player of the season: 1. Paul McShane 2. Eboue 3. Voronin

Best manager of the season: 1. Roy Hodgson 2. David Moyes 3. Martin O’Neill

Worst manager of the season: 1. Benitez 2. Curbs 3. Sanchez/Jewell (tie)

Best transfer of the season: 1. Santa Cruz (by an absolute landslide) 2. Torres 3. Anderson

Worst transfer of the season: 1. Darren Bent 2. Voronin 3. Ljungberg

Best goal of the season: 1. Adebayor v Spurs 2. Ronaldo v Portsmouth 3. Daryl Murphy v Wigan

Most hated player: 1. Ronaldo 2. Eboue 3. Ashley Cole/Gerrard (tie)

Most under-rated player: 1. Scharner 2. Carrick 3. Bullard

Worst tackle of the season: 1. Taylor v Arse (great Eastern European video) 2. Hunt v City 3. Ronaldo’s three ‘birds’ (see what we did there???)

Worst pundit of the season: 1. Absolutely Jamie Redknapp 2. Shitetalk Shearer 3. Clueless Kenny Cunningham

Best pundit of the season: 1. Dunphy 2. Souness (!) 3. Sid Lowe

Worst kit of the season: 1. Chelsea’s day glo masterpiece 2. City’s purple reign 3. Eh… no one voted for anything else… let’s say this one.

Worst excuse in an awkward situation: 1. Chris Coleman 2. Arsene Wenger again and again and again and again and... 3. Alan ‘Curbs’ Curbishley again and again and again and again and...

Stupid mistake of the season: 1. Riise v Chelsea 2. Rafa taking Torres off v Chelsea 3. (In with a bullet) It’s only JT innit!

Worst haircut: 1. Stephen Ireland 2. David James 3. Caveman Hunt

Press conferences of the season: 1. Grant 2. Wenger 3. Keano

Sexcapade of the season: 1. Paul Jewell (Eeeeeeeeewwww) 2. Fat Ronaldo (see above) 3. The Man U Christmas Party

The 'Perry Groves' heading for oblivion after a promising start award: 1. McShane 2. Benjani 3. Arsenal

We shall talk to ye soon folks, JJ


Anonymous said...

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JJ said...

That is one random comment anon.

Anonymous said...

Jaysis lads first J Terry then Paul McShane. Ye should think about using these powers for good (though this would seriously impact the glorious negativity)But start calling McGeady the new Quaresma or Darren Potter the next never know. Bit harsh on Ken Earley the other day..think it's just the voice. TMcG

JJ said...

I actually don't mind ken, it's a quality show all round and I think he's a big part of that. He's not des cahill so he's alright by me.

McGeady will have a savage season at celtic park or elsewhere next year, really like him and hopefully trap gets the best out of him. Duffer may well be a lost cause at this stage though, sad as that is.

Anonymous said...

yeah first time i saw duff live was against brazil and was shocked to see how he shuffles round in off the ball movement. Can still occasionally turn it on with ball at his feet tho'. T McG

Parrotbait said...

Have to agree I like Ken and his attempts to sound very intelligent in his put-on voice. Being over in Australia sucks balls though cos only get the podcast which is without all the correspondents and what not. Started listening to Ole Ole recently too, strange podcast but seemed ok.

I must say I did laugh at JT's letter to Chelsea fans. Please stop laughing at me for crying I'm very passionate. Fuck off John. And you Lamps for your "he's a mans man" comment go blow each other. Wouldn't be suprised if a lewd threesome with Jamie Redknapp happened at some stage, I'm afraid to google for it. It was probably a five page spread special in Icons magazine but nobody buys it so we didn't see it in the press. My hatred for all things Lamps,JT and Redknapp is still burning strong.........

JJ said...

Some quality hatred there parrotbait. That gruesome manwich with the three cockney prats is a truly horrifying image by the way. JT will be happy to have the armband back for some bondage action at least.

Paugrande said...

Following on from Parrotbaits horrid image; I sent this email to Icon magazine the day of the GRAND SLAM SUPER DUPER SUNDAY a couple of months ago...

Good Evening,

I couldn't help but notice that your magazine has an overtly homoerotic bent. I think this a good thing that this issue is being brought into the public arena. I think Frank Lampard, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand should be congratulated for not being afraid to showcase their sexuality in such an anti-gay environment like the English Premiership.
Could you convey my thanks to them personally as I don't know how to contact them.

Kindest Regards,

Patrick Wyanowski*

*I am a coward

Mark said...

paugrande - that's a contender for post of the year. well done for that email!

Mal said...

Ken is the business and the off the ball football show is the best sports radio around in my view. It's been consistently good for years now. They get good guests and interviewees on and doesn't toe the perceived wisdom of the sky agenda.

Anonymous said...

genius paugrande just class....T McG

paugrande said...

Still no response either

bernard n. shull said...

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JJ said...

bernard I don't trust you... and never have

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