Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The end is the beginning is the end

Following up on Mark’s blog from yesterday here’s my initial table from last August… okay, okay I thought Fat Sam could be a success; alright I thought Villa would be shite; and yes I thought Everton would prove to be also rans. I even thought, like many others, that Arsenal would be outside of the Champions League spots. Six right though so not all bad in fairness.

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1) Man Utd - Correct
2) Chelsea - Correct
3) Liverpool –Wrong (4)
4) Tottenham –Wrong (11)
5) Arsenal –Wrong (3)
6) Newcastle –Wrong (12)
7) Blackburn - Correct
8) Man City -Wrong
9) West Ham –Wrong (10… Damn you Curbs, giving up all too easily)
10) Everton -Wrong (5)
11) Sunderland –Wrong (15)
12) Portsmouth –Wrong (8)
13) Aston Villa –Wrong (6)
14) Bolton –Wrong (16)
15) Middlesbrough –Wrong (13)
16) Reading –Wrong (18)
17) Fulham – Correct
18) Wigan –Wrong (14)
19) Birmingham - Correct
20) Derby – (Like everyone else) Correct

Elsewhere, here’s some goals of the season to get you thinking on our end of season awards.

Ronaldo v Pompey

Elano v Newcastle

Muntari v Villa

Petrov v Roy ‘Whoopsiedaisy’ Carroll

Later, JJ

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Tom said...

Interesting prediction! You were ok with the most importants: champion, runner-up, 19th and 20th! ;-P