Monday, 12 May 2008

Season Wrap Up

Here's how I thought the season would finish at the start of the season. (LINK)
() indicates estimated placing.

1 Man Utd 38 58 87
(1)the new signings paid off, for the most part, and the striker-less formation worked

2 Chelsea 38 39 85
(2) poor signings last summer, the loss of Jose (though Avram did well), and injuries ultimately proved crucial

3 Arsenal 38 43 83
(5) A surprising season, but ODF predicted they would falter all along. Unfortunately, we also predicted they would finish 5th

4 Liverpool 38 39 76
(3) The big question mark was on Torres, and man did he deliver in style. Closer, points wise, this year, but still have a distance to go

5 Everton 38 22 65
(6) Another great season from Moyes and co, with the money spent wisely (Jagielka & Yakubu). Considering others were spending money with wild abandon, this is an excellent achievement

6 Aston Villa 38 20 60
(12) Well, I got this one wrong - in my defense, Carew was washed up, Harewood rubbish, Young & Agbonlahor were potential only and their squad is tiny. O'Neill - Respect

7 Blackburn 38 2 58
(8) Another excellent season for Hughes, Roque Santa Cruz, the bargain signing of the season.

8 Portsmouth 38 8 57
(9) Good showing but need to push on next season to justify their large wage bill and high price signings. The FA Cup would be a good return for this season, however.

9 Man City 38 -8 55
(13) I thought their new signings would take time to gel, but they were in the Champions League places for months before they imploded. Sven is paying the price of his initial success but must take the blame for the striker situation

10 West Ham 38 -8 49
(11) Better than I thought but the injury situation qualifies every thought on Curbs and the Hammers. We'll have to wait until next season.

11 Tottenham 38 5 46
(4) An unmitigated disaster - between Levi, Commoli, Jol and Ramos, they are in a fine mess. Ramos will need to be as good as we have all been promised next season, as Carling Cup aside, Spurs haven't played well at all

12 Newcastle 38 -20 43
(7) Big Sam let me down, his confidence when changing clubs was unfounded, his signings and tactics didn't work. We should have seen him given more time, but Keegan is back, and I'm happy for that.
13 Middlesbro 38 -10 42
(15) Painfully limited squad, poor showing in the FA Cup, but there is hope with Alves, Downing and Tuncay. Southgate did well enough considering their squad.

14 Wigan 38 -17 40
(19) The Steve Bruce effect? Storming finish to the season from a side that looked doomed when Bruce came in. Great job and makes Birmingham ("We have a better manager now") look stupid.
15 Sunderland 38 -23 39
(16) At times terrible, at times great, a mixed bag of a season but they will be happy with this. Didn't deserve to be higher.

16 Bolton 38 -18 37
(10) A team with Bolton's quality of player's shouldn't be near the bottom, Sammy Lee fecked them up and the Ginger Mourinho saved them (just)

17 Fulham 38 -22 36
(17) Hodgsen went from Hero to Zero and back again with an amazing finish to the season, but what were those signings all about - Litmanen? Nevland?

18 Reading 38 -25 36
(14) I thought Doyle & Lita would score the goals to keep them up - they barely even scored at all. Kitson and the jersey throwing Long were not much use either. Coppell should resign for his failure to buy last summer & in January

19 Birmingham 38 -16 35
(18) Down as I thought, even the predicted mid-season manager change made no difference. No loss to the Premier League.

20 Derby 38 -69 11
(20) Davies shafted after unprecedented promotion, even cynical old us didn't see that one. Enjoy the money, Derby directors, only come back if you intend to spend it.

So, only 4 out of 20 correct, but a lot of close ones - I'm less embarrassed than I thought I would be!

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