Thursday, 8 May 2008

ODF 08 May Podcast Online

Hi All,
Our latest podcast is online now.

We discuss:

Results & Fixtures - we argue over who will be relegated

Pub Talk - all the news that matters on what feels like Groundhog Day - Chelsea players get drunk, more on the real Ronaldo, Sven, Scolari, Why Jozy Altidore was pulled over by the cops and more

Featured Section - The Categories for the 2008 ODF End of Season Awards are:

Best player of the season
Worst player of the season
Best manager of the season
Worst manager of the season
Best transfer of the season
Worst transfer of the season
Best goal of the season
Most hated player
Most under-rated player
Worst tackle of the season
Worst pundit of the season
Best pundit of the season
Worst kit of the season
Excuse in an awkward situation
Stupid mistake of the season
Worst haircut
Press conference of the season
Sexcapade of the season
The 'Perry Groves' heading for oblivion after a promising start award

Please email your suggestions to and we'll collate the results. Thanks.

And we finish the show with some comments.

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Mark & JJ


p.s. JJ was mostly drinking Sol, a Mexican beer. Turns out he's a Mexican't


Mark said...

Cardiff singing

Paddy Nea said...

You can put my boss down for "Worst Manager" for moving my desk to in the line of site of his office

Cathal O'Brien said...

Can I nominate Max Mosley as his Nazi style orgy as "Sexcapade of the season", I know its not football but its a great story.

Mark said...

Paddy Nea - I'm in the same situation - it's torture

Anonymous said...

Most under-rated player has to go JT with $tevie me a very close second.
p.s. C'mon United!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john deals said...

Whats the kitchen sink about with the beer on the table?

Anonymous said...

I know he is'nt a pundit as such,but Darragh Moloney is a stupid cunt so he gets my vote in this particular category.
Apologies,one J.Redknapp just popped into my head,Words don't do him justice really, do they?? He's literally a top,top pundit!!!I'm actually starting to scare myself with how much hatred I have for the stupid prick.If Sky have any sense they'll just hire a hitman to kill the cunt, and Andy "what a hit son"Gray!!
Dunphy is the pundit of the year by a country mile,there are too many reasons to list but pissing off Liam Brady is up there.LUHG.

Anonymous said...

Can i nominate the townsend / fat dolan spaz out during the champions league coverage on setanta, townsend looked ready to tear the waistcoat off him

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the Townsend Dolan rumble is it on youtube or anywhere?

String said...

Ah, Darragh Moloney. Comes across as the sort of teacher whose daughter you'd love to deflower.

Now Martin Samuel- how this guy can be a 7 times sportswriter of the year award winner is beyond. As if further evidence was needed, I give you exhibit 'C' for 'Cunting cockended tosspot':

Pulling people up on spelling errors (as he does with a poster on J Wilkinson) just shows him up for the utter tiny-time knobber he is.

Parrotbait said...

Best player of the season - Fernando Torres, Christiano Ronaldo lacks moral courage heh heh heh
Worst player of the season - Riise, season was pants topped off by comical og
Best manager of the season - Moyes
Worst manager of the season - Coppell for being an idiot and refusing to buy players along with coming up with crazy formations which didn't work
Best transfer of the season - Santa Cruz is not that far off being the best player of the season(oh santa cruz no your not that far)
Worst transfer of the season - Greg Halford 3.5 million to Sunderland after not getting a game for Reading the previous season which was MORE than what Reading paid for him. He's now buggered off pretty lively.
Best goal of the season -
Most hated player - Eboue, Ronaldo
Most under-rated player - Jimmy Bullard for single-handedly keeping Fulham up
Worst tackle of the season - Taylor I guess....possibly Richard Dunne for the ramifications that his sending off could have for Man City losing out a place in Europe with the fair play placing
Worst pundit of the season - Tommy Smyth as long as he is alive
Best pundit of the season - Sid Lowe
Worst kit of the season - Chelsea scummer luminous yellow one
Excuse in an awkward situation - Chris Coleman's broken washing machine
Stupid mistake of the season - this is more funny than stupid.... Glen Johnson getting caught robbing a toilet seat from B&Q
Worst haircut - Stephen Hunt for not owning a comb and looking more and more like captain caveman every week.
Press conference of the season - Carlos Queroz & Fergusons crazy paranoid rants about referees
Sexcapade of the season - Rio Ferdinand's organised Christmas party for Man U, fat Ronaldo second place
The 'Perry Groves' heading for oblivion after a promising start award - Benjani or Kwenyne Jones can't decide.

JJ said...

Good job parrotbait, Glen Johnson getting caught robbing that toilet seat is an incident that has gone all too forgotten for our liking. Expect it to feature heavily in the post-champions league final, extremely hungover awards show next week.

Anonymous said...

Best player-Well not strictly best but most grown into his role might be Hleb but..Torres
Worst-Titus Bramble jesus man although Voronin you c**t came close
Best manager- Probably have to say Hodgson here for saving Fulham and turning hoofers into footballers but Svens summer spending and last minute recruiting of quality players in summer puts him up there.
Worst-Jewell for inflicting that tape on the world and bringing a white flag with him to Derby
Best transfer-Probably has to go to Torres but great to see a fat bloke doing well so Andy(puts his foot on the ball)Reid
Worst transfer- Thats you you c**t Voronin you and Rafa cost me a 5 way accumulator 100 euro bet early in the season Aaaaaaaahhh.
Best goal- Walcotts/Adebayor as it was such a class goal and then the immediate joy of the penalty a minute or so later
Most hated- Yeah Ronaldo his whore job to Madrid just capping his whole self indulgent season (Lampard well you can't really, see you next year tho)
Most under-rated-Would say Bullard or McBride for end of season heroics but think Bullard has something of a cult following and can't stand McBride. Maybe give this to Kitson as he was moaning early in the season that some goal he scored didn't get much play just cos Reading aren't a glamour side. There Dave will that cheer you up in the championship?
Worst tackle- Yeah Taylor on Eduardo but loved the "less of the fancy shit" poster
Worst pundit- Redknapp of course but lately Souness has annoyed the tits off me and hope departure of Brady doesn't give the smug git a permanant place on the RTE C league nights
Best pundit- Dunphy, nearly always entertaining and does seem to actually do some research.At times annoying but will be missed when the coke does for him
Worst excuse- It's all just a blur of managerspeak and agree with Giles that post match interviews a waste of time
biggest mistake- Will probably be letting Sven go
Worst haircut- Voronin you prick
Press conference- Keane more than filling the gap Mourinho left
Sexcapade-Nani "I'm hot" but Ronaldo takes it with a late entry...or non entry whatever man we believe you.
Perry Groves- probably too late in his career to give this to Sheva, hate to do it to Paul McShane but think championship football is beckoning. By the way is the book worth getting?
Sorry lads know ye hate anon postings but too lazy/disorganised to create profile. Ta for the pods T McG

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