Friday, 2 May 2008

ODF 02 May Podcast Online

Hi All,
we're back at last, sans dodgy 80's & 90's music.

On the show we have:

Results & Fixtures - Premier League and the CL semi finals
Pub Talk - All the news that matters to us i.e. Ronaldo
Featured Section - the Holy Joe XI
Comments - all your witty ripostes

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Mark & JJ


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jd said...

Lads two things to get off my chest this week.Firstly I'm sick of all this talk about west ham and how alan curbishley has done a good job this season.No he hasnt!Ya he's missing a load of players but sureley ferdinand+newcastle rejects of bowyer,dyer,and bellamy aren't gong to change much.Curbs is the biggest spoof of manager!

What do ye think about the rumours of gatusso heading to united? I'm actually believing them this time because ac have no champions league next year and this is his last chance of a move while he is still half decent.gatusso+anderson or scholes sounds fairly good for next season.PLease god we get rid of carrick or hargreaves.

good pod by the way


Parrotbait said...

Eh Milan can still get into the Champions league so don't think the Gattuso rumour has legs yet. Plus Man U already have 3 defensive midfielders in Carrick, Hargreaves and Anderson(kinda) so why would they need him? Think they will go out and spend on a big name striker if anything(Huntelaar maybe?)as Saha is going to hunted out the door.

Demand a Euro pod daily to rival the Guardian pod.

Mark said...

JD - I am in no way a fan of Curbs, he has done OK given the injuries, but he bought very poorly last summer. next season is crunch time.

Re Gattuso - those rumours seem to crop up every year or so. I have no doubt Fergie likes him but when they bought Hargreaves instead last summer it must have been because Gattuso didn't want to go or he would cost too much

Euro pod - I nearly wouldn't mind doing a more frequent pod for the duration but JJ lives the other side of dublin, and as we're drinking, public transport has to be relied on so it would be too much hassle

jd said...

Parrotbait-Ya true about ac still being able to qualify but they have the harder remaining fixtures.So i'm hoping to see fiorentina back in the champo league,back where they belong.

If flamini goes to ac then gattuso will be on his bike(well hopefully anyway).I could see him and anderson as the dream pairing.Anderson wasnt bought as a defensive midfielder and I don't think we have seen the best of him yet.Once he starts scoring he will be the complete midfielder.Scholes would be fairly handy with him aswell for the twenty games he plays next season...

String said...

Lads, ye seem to have a fair bit of faith in Gattuso. I wouldn't be so sure. Simple fact is, he'd had a bad build of niggling injuries, and isn't completing 90 minutes week-in, week-out anymore. When he does, he seems to fade badly, and he's a lot less mobile then he used to be. I certainly cannot seem him being upto joining a bigger Prem side- think he's missed the boat there.