Friday, 16 May 2008

FA Cup Final Preview

So, the traditional showpiece of English football occurs tomorrow in Wemberley.

You'll all be familiar with Portsmouth so I'm going to give a quick run through of Cardiff's players. This is the starting line-up from the semi-final against Barnsley.

  • Peter Enckelman - well who doesn't remember this? But by all accounts, he has played well since moving on loan from Blackburn
  • Glenn Loovens - the Dutch dynamo, as I call him, formerly of Feyenoord. Then again, so was David Connolly.
  • Roger Johnson - goal scoring defender, seen by many as a future captain, and has been linked with a move to Boro.
  • Kevin McNaughton - the Scottish defender once fell out with Berti 'Mc' Vogts, which is good enough for me. His good form has earned a recall to the Scottish squad
  • Tony Capaldi - Norweigan born, Norn Iron International. Says a lot really, his impact will not be felt.
  • Trevor Sinclair - Ex-England International, goal of the season winner and debuted his dreadlocks in 1991
  • Peter Whittingham - former Villa 'next big thing', only 23, plenty of skill, and able to do this
  • Joe Ledley - 21 yr old Welsh International, Graham Kavanagh's boot cleaner, and goal scoring midfielder
  • Gavin Rae - had an injury beset time at Rangers, at Cardiff has had a run in the team, and earned a recall to the Scotland squad in March
  • Stephen McPhail - Champions League experience with Leeds, a left foot 'like Liam Brady', but bad injuries forced him down the leagues.
  • Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink - a bit of a legend really, writer of "Jimmy: The Autobiography Of Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink" and scorer of goals.
In reserve, Cardiff have the creaking Robbie Fowler, but he still has a knack of scoring....

So, to sum up, I hope Cardiff win - can you imagine all Harry's pals in the press bigging up a Pompey victory? It could be a dark future...



Mark said...

the Predator rap:

Anonymous said...

just re. end of season awards think most self indulgent pundit award goes to Souness who's just a pain in the arse on champions league nights always tying to work his "team of men" liverpool into the discussion and then looking to Dunphy for a quick BJ. Apart from yerselves lads the pair of analysts that usually make most sense are Guillem Ballague and Gabrielle Marcotti. Been a great season listening to ye all (Oh sorry Gilesy still in a league of his own).

Anonymous said...

Oh and also re seasons end award feel there should be some sort of whinging bitch award for Gallas and a veiled racism award(the JT award) for the English FA/establishment for their outrage at Mascherano and very reluctant criticism of Cashley Cole. T McG

JJ said...

Cheers T McG (are you related to the McG who made charlies angels? if so, hang your head in shame). i think oul JT gets the veiled racism award every week on okeydokefootball to be honest.

Actually good point on the monster masch incident - which i think led to myself and mark's longest argument in the history of the show. it will be an interesting one as time passes (mainly due to rafa's fergie-esque memory for grudges) because generally it's the english players who bitch at the ref more than anyone else yet rarely get punished. The fact that Andy Gray of all people was the voice of reason that day deserves some kind of 'even a broken watch it right twice a day' award but twice a day is a bit much for that bluenose.

Anonymous said...

jj you're a weird individual. What kind of person knows who made Charlies Angels and has an obsessive interest in football? Is this what a few years of Houllier does to someone. T McG

JJ said...

You have to widen interests as a pool fan otherwise you'll end up very depressed. The teaching of cynicism is also a happy side effect of being a scouse head.