Thursday, 22 May 2008

ODF 22 May Podcast Online

Hi All,

Our end of season podcast is online now.

We discuss:

Results: FA Cup & Champions League Final

Pub Talk: All the news that matters

End of Season Awards: we run through the awards as voted for by our listeners - thank you for all your submissions. We'll put up a blog soon with the winners of each category. And if your name is Paul McShane - I wouldn't listen to this show as your confidence will take a bashing.

Mark & JJ



Paddy Nea said...

Paul McInsane from Setanta. Commenting on being frozen out at Sunderland

“I have done everything. I have out-trained everybody, out-performed everybody, so what can you do?” McShane said.

“I’ve been ripping people’s heads off. It’s just not nice being out of the team, It’s hard to take.

“It’s a hard thing to sit on the bench every week or even the stand every week when you are giving it your all. The only thing I was short of doing was ripping my heart out of my chest and giving it to him.”

Mark said...

can't believe he said that, seems delusion is running high at all levels of the Prem

JJ said...

Good god, the fraggle-rock-headed fool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah poor old ginger smurf, if beheadings and heart surgery won't get it done you're shit the way Ken Earley 106fm what a wank stain...cheers T McG

Mal said...

Good blog about JT here. What an asshole.

I'm a big fan of Ken on newstalk. He's not always right, but he's always entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Why does he always put that stupid fucking voice on whenever he's quoting anybody??? He's a fuckwit of the highest order!!LUHG.

free betting said...

i still can't believe he missed that